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Afghan Warcrimes Whistleblower Major McBride Discusses The Brereton Report

Former British Army Major David McBride, who later became a lawyer for the Australian Army, now faces life imprisonment, for essentially telling the truth about what really happened in Afghanistan.

Throughout his career, McBride had an exemplary record, including two tours of duty in Afghanistan, where he became concerned about severe battlefield misconduct. McBride particularly concerned by the culture of impunity, and a war crimes cover-up that reaches to the highest levels of his country’s military leadership. After leaking a cache of classified documents implicating special forces to Australia’s ABC network, the government raided the media outlet’s offices and even the homes of the journalists’ working on the story.

Maram Susli aka Syrian Girl, talks with whistleblower Major David Mcbride about this incredible story, Justice Brereton’s damning report, and also about his motivations to do what he did. Watch:

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