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Navalny’s ‘Novichok’ Hoax: Who are the Instigators?

IMAGE: Serial killer chique: a menacing-looking Alexi Navalny donning the blue rubber gloves after alleged poision attack.

By Ludwig Watzal

From the start, the alleged Navalny poisoning was riddled with contradictions and should have raised eyebrows by every politician and journalist. Being discharged from the Charité Clinic in Berlin, Navalny went into attack mode against President Vladimir Putin. As it seems, this will be his role designed to him by the intelligence agencies. In a couple of days, the Navalny hype will be over. One can only blame Putin for the alleged poising once. If Navalny had the guts, he would return to his homeland and fight Putin politically.

The whole poisoning hoax stinks to high heaven. If Navalny would have been really poisoned, he and his companions, not to speak of all the other passengers in the plane, would have been poisoned too. None of them was. What a surprise? His “poisoning” was of the same sort as the one of the Spripals. There was nothing. Since their recuperation, they have disappeared. Are they still alive? The fooling of the public works only once, and the British MI5 has a long history of leading the public astray.

There are further inconsistencies in the case. Navalny’s backers even found water bottles in his apartment, which were allegedly also poisoned. How could they bring them openly to Germany? How could the whole Navalny entourage travel to Germany without any restrictions, especially under Corona restrictions? They could even go back and force. By the way, Navalny was apparently poisoned drinking a cup of tea before boarding a plane, which he would take him to Moscow. The plane had to make an emergency landing because Navalny started screaming on board. But the pictures of these incidents seemed staged and unrealistic.

The stop of Nord Stream 2 would damage not only German national interest but also the Russian one.  Canceling the project, Germany would have to pay Billions of Euros compensation to the companies, and Germany would lose every credibility as a serious trade partner. Over a year, US President Donald Trump has been putting enormous pressure on the German government to cancel the project. Instead, Germany should buy expensive US fracking gas. If the Germans succumb to US blackmail, it will demonstrate to the world that Germany is still a US colony and not sovereign.

German foreign minister Heiko Maas cut the worse figure. He is the main agitator against Russia. Maas used his video speech at the United Nations to attack Russia to deliver “evidence” of the Navalny’s poisoning. Russia can’t contribute anything to it because Navalny wasn’t poisoned. Since Maas was appointed to his job, anti-Russian rhetoric increased. Together with other politicians from the Christian Democratic Party and the Greens, Germany follows a hostile policy towards Russia. The German side refused to answer three letters of Russia’s request to provide evidence of the “poisoning.” Maas seems to have a complex about his childish appearance. Perhaps that’s why he haves like a snip.

If Angela Merkel lets Maas go on like this, the German-Russian relationship will be completely screwed up. A long tradition, established by former Chancellor Willy Brandt and his adviser Egon Bahr will go down the drain. Only the US will profit from such a deterioration in relations.

Author Dr. Ludwig Watzal works as a journalist and editor in Bonn, Germany. He runs the bilingual blog Between the lines. This article was originally published at the AHT.

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