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COVID Vérité: Leading French Expert Destroys Gov’t Case for Masks and Lockdown

For months, government officials in countries like the United States and Britain have been claiming that the world is in the midst of an unprecedented ‘pandemic’. But how much of this crisis is truly down to a pathogen and how much is really down to governments’ reactionary lockdown policies? Are decisions really being made based on sound science, or are they being made based on hype and hysteria?

Leading French public health expert, Professor of Medicine Jean-François Toussaint, appeared on mainstream French television recently where he exposed the wanton hysteria which has gripped western countries over the supposed ‘pandemic’ of COVID-19. According to the data presented by Toussaint, the epidemic is long since over. In recent months, government officials and mainstream media have abandoned talking about deaths and hospitalizations (which have dropped to near zero, no longer a ‘crisis’) and instead have pivoted to aggressively promoting the idea of “spikes” and “cases” as being a measure of crisis now. His conclusions are backed up by the latest data from France and around Europe – and shows there was never any “Second Wave” and in all likely reality, there will not be one. The virus has clearly extinguished itself. This stark presentation effectively nullifies the governments’ claim that the public should be wearing masks and that lockdowns are somehow necessary to ‘stop the virus’. Watch:

NOTE: H/T to Ivor Cummins for curating this important video.

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue