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Democrats, Media Going All-in on the ‘Disappearing Mailbox’ Conspiracy

A small group of demonstrators protest the removal of mail collection boxes along Patterson (Credit: Daniel Dreifuss/Santa Barbara Independent)

After the failure of conspiracy theories like #RussiaGate’ and #UkraineGate, it seems that the Democratic Party and its mainstream media adjuncts have developed a number of new anti-Trump conspiracies tailored specifically for the 2020 election cycle. One of the most bizarre plots is the new ‘Disappearing Mailbox’ story, where Democratic politicians have launched a media campaign claiming that US President Donald Trump is secretly hauling away mail boxes on flatbed trucks in order to keep Americans from using the US post office services.

This new theory is being touted by high-ranking party operatives Nancy Pelosi, Susan Rice, and CNN’s Van Jones, and even former Vice President and climate campaigner, Al Gore, who said recently that Trump’s attack on the US mail is a “knee on the neck of democracy” (a metaphor clearly alluding to the death of George Floyd).

TV presenter Tucker Carlson explains the genesis of #MailBoxGate and why it could be the zaniest ‘Resistance’ conspiracy yet. Watch:

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue