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Australian PM: COVID Vaccine Will Be ‘As Mandatory As You Can Possibly Make It’

IMAGE: Australia’s PM Scott Morrison and global vaccine chief Bill Gates.

In recent weeks, the word has been witnessing an unprecedented authoritarian power grab in Australia’s state of Victoria, where Premier of Victoria, MP Dan Andrews, has pressed ahead by instituting one of the most extreme COVID lockdowns seen yet, over a relatively nominal amount of overall deaths and hospitalizations due to coronavirus across the country. Not long after this, the country’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison weighed-in to announce that he would be requiring Australian citizens to take the experimental COVID-19 vaccine when it became available through the government’s corporate partners. 

It should be noted that Morrison has pushed some of the most dictatorial measures in the world – himself leading the coercive government initiative known as “no jab, no pay” – an authoritarian policy which denied government benefits to vulnerable families unless they vaccinated their children.

Since the beginning of the ‘pandemic’, Morrison has been coordinating very closely with the World Health Organization (WHO) and its primary financier, Microsoft founder and billionaire vaccine mogul Bill Gates, who was helping to guide Morrison’s decision making regarding the country’s COVID response and policies going forward.

However, after coming under heavy criticism for his recent COVID comments, the Australian PM was forced to back down from his compulsory vaccine diktat and has since added a caveat to his statement calling for mandatory vaccines.

News.com.au reports…

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has backflipped on his comments that a COVID-19 vaccine will be as “mandatory as you can possibly make it” for all Australians once it becomes available.

News.com.au revealed today that the Morrison Government confirmed a landmark agreement with drug giant AstraZeneca to manufacture one of the world’s most promising coronavirus vaccines currently being developed by Oxford University researchers.

If it’s proved safe to use, Prime Minister Scott Morrison believes the agreement will ensure Australians will be among the first countries in the world to secure the jab, revealing this morning it could be available to Aussies as soon as early next year.

The UK Government has already ordered 100 million doses.

Asked whether the vaccine would be mandatory, Mr Morrison told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell on Wednesday morning that it needed to get to about 95 per cent of the population.

“I would expect it to be as mandatory as you can possibly make it,” the PM said.

“There are always exemptions for any vaccine on medical grounds but that should be the only basis.

(…) However, he later backtracked on these comments, telling 2GB’s Jim Wilson that the vaccine wouldn’t be compulsory.

“There’s been a bit of an overreaction to any suggestion of this, there will be no compulsory vaccine,” he said.

“What we want to achieve is as much vaccination as we possibly can.”

Earlier, in response to suggestions there would be community resistance to mandating it, Mr Morrison told 3AW the government had not yet made a firm decision and this would be made once the medical issues about the vaccine were known.

Mr Morrison said there “we’ll take that issue when it presents when clinical trials are finished and we have to understand what the medical issues potentially might be and that’s why we’ll take advice on its application but … you know, I certainly open to that suggestion but that is not a position that the government has taken”.

Mitchell pointed out that there would be campaigns from the anti-vaxxers but the Prime Minister seemed unfazed.

“I’m used to that, I was the minister that established ‘no jab, no pay’,” he said referring to a policy that sees government benefits withheld from parents who do not vaccinate their children. “My view on this is pretty clear and not for turning.”

uring a later press conference, Australia’s acting chief medical officer Professor Paul Kelly said the vaccine would at first, be voluntary…

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