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Trump Threatens Legal Action Over Nevada’s Decision Push Mail-In Ballots on Voters

Earlier this week, 21WIRE reported on the incredible controversy which is now building in America, where the Democrat-led pro-lockdown lobby is pushing to close or steer people away from in-person voting at polling stations across the country for November’s General Election – primarily on the back of  ‘COVID fears.’ In response, the President has begun pushing back hard on Democrats plan to ‘mail in’ the election.

Back in April – only days into the initial lockdown period, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi quickly announced that she wanted to “virus-proof” the November election by including funding for voting by mail as part of House Democrats’ pandemic response plan.

Democrats are claiming postal votes will be ‘more convenient’ for those wanting to avoid long lines at the polls due to COVID social distancing, or even potential poll closures should the alleged “second wave” of infections hit, an event which many politicians and media insist will happen, even though there is no evidence that it actually will.

As expected, GOP nominee and incumbent President Donald Trump opposes universal postal voting on the basis that there is a massive potential for fraud, mismanagement and long delays.

Thus far, partisans in the mainstream media are trying to frame this as a ‘Trump vs Health & Safety’ issue, but in fact it boils down to a fundamental issue of democracy.

Expect this battle to get more vicious, and to be fought state by state now.

Ben Wilson from SaraCarter.com reports…

The Nevada legislature passed a bill Sunday allowing every voter to receive a mail-in ballot — a measure critics say increases chances of ballot harvesting and which President Trump said ensures Republicans could never win the state again and that the elected officials are “using Covid to steal the state.”

He followed by saying “See you in court!”

Despite pushback from Republican Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, the bill was passed and gives Governor Steve Sisolak the power to order Cegavske to alter the election process during a state of emergency.


Additionally, the bill expands who can turn in ballots — potentially opening the door for ballot harvesting, according to Fox News.

Governor Sisolak is expected to sign the bill into law in the coming days. President Trump accused him of trying to “steal the state.”

The defense of the bill appears to be citing the June primary where a limited number of polling places were open due to the pandemic and the lines were long — up to several hours, according to USA Today.

As the state is still in the pandemic and state of emergency, the Governor says this measure will ensure voters can have their ballot and not have to wait in long lines.

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