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Israeli Attack on Damascus, Killing 2, Injuring 9, But Misses Its Target

Residential building destroyed after Israeli state-sponsored terrorist attack on Damascus (Source: SABC News)

Once again, Israel breaks international law and baits a new regional shooting war by striking at a civilian neighborhood in Syria’s capital of Damascus.

The IDF apparently launched a set of medium-range missiles in an attempt to kill a Palestinian national it believed was staying in the location which was being targeted.

Akram al-Ajouri, a leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad resistance organisation, is said to have escaped the IDF bombing on Tuesday, although family members are believed to have been killed and injured by the Israeli attack.

This attack came at the same time as a coordinated IDF assault by other members of the same resistance group’s headquarters in Gaza.

This latest reckless move by Israel marks a sharp increase in tensions between two countries, and at a time when the security situation in Syria has been rapidly improving – much to the dismay of hawks in Tel Aviv and Washington.

Al Masdar News reports…

IMAGE: Scenes from botched air attack on Damascus neighborhood by IDF.

(DAMASCUS) – Israel launched a missile attack on the Mazzeh neighborhood in Damascus early Tuesday, hitting the house of Palestinian Jihad leader Akram al-Ajouri, leaving two civilians dead and nine injured, in addition to causing extensive damage and loss of property.

At about 4:15 A.M. on Tuesday, Israeli warplanes fired three missiles over Upper Galilee region as two of the projectiles managed to hit Damascus, a Syrian military source said .

The source pointed out that “our air defenses dealt with the aggression and destroyed one of the hostile missiles before reaching its target while the other two missiles hit the house of the leader of the Palestinian Jihad movement Akram al-Ajouri near the Lebanese embassy.

He pointed out that the aggression resulted in the death of his son Moaz and the injury of his granddaughter Batoul and the death of Abdullah Yousef Hassan in addition to the injuring of nine civilians.

Russia’s Sputnik Agency video taped the destruction of the targeted building and nearby residential buildings, including the home of the Pakistani ambassador in Damascus, in addition to severe damage to civilian cars, where workshops were mobilized Damascus Council to remove debris, rubble and ruins.

The Syrian government has condemned this latest attack by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) on Damascus.

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