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Israel, Netanyahu Fear Trump May Agree to Diplomatic Talks with Iran

One of the more interesting details to emerge out of this week’s G7 Summit in France was a comment made by French president Emmanuel Macron who said he would volunteer to broker a meeting between the leadership of Iran and the US. In response,  President Donald Trump said that “if the circumstances were correct I would certainly agree.”

Iranian foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, met with Macron at the G7 and intimated to the French president that any meeting between Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was “unimaginable”.

After the meeting the Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, announced he is ruling out any talks with US President Donald Trump until the US agrees to lift sanctions against Tehran, adding that, “Iran is seeking a resolution to the problems through reasonable means rather than taking photos.”

“If [Trump] just wants to take photo with Hassan Rouhani that would not be possible,” said Rouhani.

But the mere presence of Iran at the G7 has thrown Neocon hawks in Washington somewhat, and even tertiary talk of opening diplomatic channels between the two countries has sent shock waves through Tel Aviv in advance of their upcoming election run-off.

It is the sum of all fears for Israel: the prospect of peace breaking out the Middle East.

If there was ever a sensitive time to be on alert for a false flag, this is it.

Antiwar.com reports…

The Iranian Foreign Minister’s surprise visit to the G7 has raised the possibility of US-Iran talks. Trump has raised the possibility of such talks before, but now there seems to be at least some treating of it as a serious matter.

But somebody’s not happy, and as with anything that involves Iranian diplomacy, it’s Israel. The Israeli intelligence community is expressing serious concerns about the possibility of Trump getting into direct Iran talks.

The concern there is that Trump might even make a deal with Iran, and that adds to Israeli concerns about such talks which were already substantial since Trump has repeatedly said he is not seeking regime change in Iran.

Israeli officials see this as the worst-case scenario, because Netanyahu has long made a big deal about Trump being the most pro-Israel president ever, and if Trump makes a deal they don’t like, they really don’t have a lot of options to push back on it.

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue