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US Accusing Iran of ‘Nuclear Extortion’

Jason Ditz from Antiwar.com reports…

President Trump and other US officials are hyping Iran’s civilian nuclear program, accusing the nation of “nuclear extortion” for increasing their enrichment level from 3.67% to 4.5%.

The increased enrichment is above what is allowed by the P5+1 deal, but far, far below the 90% needed to make weapons. Iran’s interest is to get talks started to ensure they get sanctions relief that the deal also promised, and which the US has blocked other nations from making good on.

Iranian Ambassador Kazim Gharib Abadi dismissed the US claims, saying “we have nothing to hide,” and pointing out that every aspect of the Iranian nuclear program is being constantly monitored by the IAEA.

The US complaints about the Iranian program and the nuclear deal make increasingly little difference to the deal itself, since the US withdrew from the deal long ago, and doesn’t have anything to say about enforcement in practical terms.

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue