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UK COLUMN: Collapse of Douma Narrative, Trump’s War on Fentanyl, Yellow Vest ‘Sub-species’

Uproar this week as BBC producer Riam Dalati breaks rank with the western establishment claiming this week, ‘I can prove without a doubt that the Douma Hospital scene was staged.’ But is he ready to go all the way, or is this just another controlled detonation my the MSM to cover-up a bigger scandal? All this and much more. 

Hosts Mike Robinson and Brian Gerrish are joined by guests Alex Thomson and Vanessa Beeley for Friday news round-up. Watch:

START – BBC Syria Producer: who is Riam Dalati…? Dalati: ‘I can prove without a doubt that the Douma Hospital scene was staged…’ MainStream Media: no dissent, no investigative reporting at the time of the event Children had no symptoms of a chemical attack – completely ignored by MSM What other events have been staged by the white helmets…? MSM: no coverage of Dalati’s story, no criticism of BBC’s ‘Saving Syria’s Children’ 09:58 – BBC integrity: UK Sovereignty and Constitution not reported on – Just cartoons and patronising briefings on what the EU wants… BBC Europe Editor Michal Katya Adler: what are her real allegiances…? Adler mentioned in Women who Shape Brussels 2017 – able to influence policy Challenge the state and the BBC calls you a ‘sub-species’ – the Untermensch…? The French press has also been dehumanising the yellow vest protestors 19:50 – Brexit: Dutch PM Mark Rutte – Britain to turn into second-rate economy Brexit Statutory Instruments being laid before Parliament The Cairncross Review: social media platforms to determine real news from fake… YouTube announces it will no longer recommend ‘conspiracy’ videos Mental evolution is being stymied – people are being kept in their boxes Who gets to decide what is fake information…? Dame Cairncross seems not to know 32:11 – USA: Trump to sign government funding bill & take other executive action Drug running is the main reason cited: 254lb Fentanyl seizure sets record at border This quantity of Fentanyl can kill 115 million people… 35:00 – Alternative View 9.1 DVDs now available from UK Column website 5G & Smart Meter tech talk: Buckfastleigh, Devon – February 22nd 19:30 35:45 – Could Royal Navy engine production for Type 26 relocate to France…? Julian Lewis Chair Defence Select Committee shares his concern This is a continuation of Britain being deliberately hollowed out Plymouth: Johnny Mercer MP goes begging to the Germans 39:08 – Law: Tennessee bills would require courts to fully inform juries John Jay: the facts and the law are lawfully within your (the jury’s) power of decision Jury nullification is very a powerful tool for justice 42:39 – Legal system could traumatise girl abused by Christopher Daniel all over again Chris Long CPS East of England: not in public interest to prosecute Prince Philip The public interest is to demonstrate that no one is above the law…





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