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US Withdrawals INF Nuclear Treaty, Russia Reciprocates, China Beckons

Back in December, the Trump Administration announced it would quit the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty. The agreement is meant to limit nuclear and conventional land-based missiles with a range between 500 and 5,500km. Washington has accused Russia of violating that agreement by virtue of its 9M729 missile, which it claims exceeds the permitted range. Russia responded to Washington’s complaint by inviting US officials to come and personally inspect their missile, an offer which the US refused to accept. This week, Washington announced it is now suspending its participation in the 1987 agreement for 180 days. The following day, Russian president,Vladimir Putin admitted he ‘could not save’ the milestone agreement.

The US is now looking to scrap the INF Treaty – not only because of Russian competition in the defense tech race, but also in order to contain a new class of Chinese long-range missiles which Washington would like to fold into a new international agreement.

RT International discussed this latest development with geopolitical analyst and the founder of the Eurocontinent think-tank, Pierre-Emmanuel Thomann.  What is motivating the US in this action and what are the options going forward. Watch:

Beijing-based analyst, Liu Baocheng, believes that dismantling the post-Cold War diplomatic architecture which has helped to secure a relatively peaceful period in international affairs is “very disappointing” and a major risk to global stability among nuclear powers and their protectorates.

“The world has worked very hard to heal the scars of the Cold War. Now, the hard-earned peace is really at stake,” said Baocheng.

“China also has to defend its national security, and would urge the world community to watch very closely what is happening,” he added.

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