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Georgetown Hires Unhinged Russiaphobe to Teach ‘Russian Hybrid Warfare’

IMAGE: Self-styled “Russia expert” Molly McKew has been hired by Georgetown University to teach university students about the latest ‘Russian threat.’

If this is the standard of academic teaching the next generation of CIA recruits, then we can only expect the American “intelligence community” to continue its downward spiral.

What this appointment essentially signifies is that academia in America is happy to validate official conspiracy theories based on politically expedient narratives – like the claim that Russia ‘interfered’, ‘meddled’, or ‘colluded’ with candidate Trump to win the 2016 Election. Many of these fictions are being imparted on to the next generation of students as ‘official fact.’

Sadly it’s not surprising – as Russiaphobia has become a career gravy train for anyone willing to play along with the gag. However, this reality bubble can only sustain itself as long as there is a a viable chance for this US liberal establishment to unseat President Trump.

RT International reports…

An “information warfare expert” spending her days spinning anti-Russian rhetoric on Twitter has now gotten the chance to do so in the name of ‘education’ – teaching a course on “hybrid warfare” at Georgetown University.

Molly McKew, known for claiming that the Russian nuclear doctrine allows for “nuking its own people” (it doesn’t) and peddling the so-called “Gerasimov doctrine” of hybrid warfare (it doesn’t exist), among other things, will now be passing on her ideas to the students of one of America’s most prestigious schools – the Georgetown University.

The course description lists almost everything the US establishment and media have accused Russia of in recent years: “The cyberattack against Estonia in 2007, the invasion of Georgia in 2008, the annexation of Crimea in 2014. Bots, trolls, and information operations,” all part of “the Kremlin’s new way of war” that “targets our societies and citizens.”

McKew stands out even among the crowd of “experts” who’ve made it their livelihood to find Russian hybrid warfare around every corner. In her blue-ticked Twitter feed dedicated almost entirely to the evilness of Putin, she has linked Kremlin to the whistleblower-turned-transgender-activist Chelsea Manning’s Senate run, the deadly violence at the August 2017 Charlottesville rally, and more recently, to “trolls posing as gay men trying to falsely link LGBT acceptance to pedophilia.”

Enshrining McKew’s “expertise” in a Georgetown course has about as much to do with academia as “hiring a flat-Earther to teach in a geography department,” another Georgetown academic points out.

While McKew was not the inventor of the “Gerasimov doctrine”, she was one of its heaviest peddlers, ever since her alarmist 2017 piece in Politico. The “doctrine” has since been debunked, unlike McKew’s status as a “Russia expert.”

Indeed, she has no problem with personal attacks, like this one  against “stinking” Julian Assange (who is, it goes without saying, “a front for Russian intelligence”).

She has been registered as a foreign agent lobbying on behalf of Georgia (where she was an advisor to the very anti-Russian President Mikhail Saakashvili) and Moldova.

Even media voices with less-than-favorable (but more level-headed) views of Putin’s Russia are wary of McKew’s “expert opinion”, like Leonid Bershidsky, who emigrated from Russia after the 2014 “annexation” of Crimea, or Masha Gessen, an LGBT rights activist and outspoken critic of Putin.

McKew has dismissed Gessen’s writings – because Gessen is Russian, of course.

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