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Mattis Resigns After Trump Announces US Troops Pulling Out of Both Syria and Afghanistan

US Defense Secretary James Mattis announced his resignation on Thursday, apparently over a disagreement with President Trump over the announced withdrawal of US troops from both Syria and Afghanistan.

These strategic announcements by the US came as a shock to even the most ardent anti-interventionists who had all but resigned themselves to the accept an indefinite US military presence in both those overseas locations.

Mattis expressed his views in a letter saying that the White House would better benefit from a defense head who was  “better aligned” with Trump’s views.

During Trump’s new strategic pivot, he also declared ‘victory’ over ISIS, even though both the Pentagon and State Department are still attempting to prolong their seemingly endless “fight against the Islamic State”, insisting that it’s still not over in Syria.

In addition to Syria, Trump also ordered the Pentagon, to devise a new plan to withdraw roughly half of all US troops from the endless war in Afghanistan. As expected, military pundits and Neocons are insisting that any US withdrawal from Afghanistan will somehow ‘plunge the country into chaos’.

It is believed that both decisions regarding Syria and Afghanistan were made against Mattis’s own policy recommendations to President Trump.

Mattis’s move is believed to be the first resignation of a Trump Cabinet official who left over an argument of principle.

In his outgoing letter, Mattis wrote:

“We must do everything possible to advance an international order that is most conducive to our security, prosperity and values, and we are strengthened in this effort by the solidarity of our alliances.”

As a result of Trump’s announcement to pull out of Syria, both Liberal warhawks in the Democratic Party and Hollywood, as well as the usual Neocons cadre – all became angry, claiming that a US withdrawal from its illegal occupation in Syria was a ‘victory for Russia’, and also Iran and Syrian leader Bashar ­al-Assad.

A bipartisan Senate team led by Lindsey Graham (R-SC) took to the podium on Thursday to protest US withdrawal, claiming that it would be a “victory for ISIS.” Graham was joined by Jack Reed (D-RI) and Bob Menendez (D-NJ).

“All of our allies are scratching their heads right now, I just talked to the British and they don’t know what’s going on …. this is akin to surrendering,” said Graham.

“If we go through with the President’s proposal, the most predictable event will be the reemergence of ISIS as a more credibly, forceful entity,” said Reid.

Finally, Menendez delivered the planned political talking point, repeating it twice: “Withdrawal without success is failure. Withdrawal without success is failure.”

In Damascus, the US announcement was well received – as Syria eyes regaining control over its own sovereign territory.

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue