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War on Syria: A Manufactured ‘Revolution’ and Fake Media Narratives

After 7 long years of waging an illegal and vicious proxy war against Syria, the Western and Gulf powers have lost military war, and also continue to lose control over the information war as well. Their frustration has been evident by the increasing number of attacks which mainstream outlets have mounted against any independent journalists who dare to challenge the prescribed establishment narrative on the conflict.

Ever since she began reporting from on the ground in Syria, independent Canadian journalist, Eva Bartlett, has been the target of a relentless smear campaign by Canada’s Establishment media outlets. The crux of the problem is that Bartlett’s reporting does not square with the mainstream consensus reality version of events in the Middle East. For instance, the mainstream media had consistently denied the existence of Al Qaeda linked terrorists throughout Syria and especially in Aleppo. Unfortunately, the facts reveal that Al Qaeda and the Islamic State are being armed and supported by US and NATO member states, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, and Israel. All of these country are the state-sponsors of terrorism.

Watch as Eva Bartlett provides detailed evidence of war crimes (filmed in 2017):

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue