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Details of ‘Secret Meeting’ in Damascus Reveal US Officials Wanted ‘Oil Guarantees’

21st Century Wire says…

According to Syriana Analysis, a secret meeting between senior Syrian and American security officials took place earlier this summer in Damascus. In the meeting, US officials reportedly issued their specific demands in exchange for complete withdrawal of troops from Syria.

In the list of American demands, the subject of oil is prominent. This is important because the fact that America does fight overseas wars for oil and other natural resources has become lost on many to the constant barrage of fighting the ‘war on terror’ – the alleged raison d’etre these days for all American military intervention in foreign wars.

Here, we see what we always knew in the forefront. The demands:

First, Iran’s full withdrawal from the Syrian south.
Second, to obtain written guarantees that give US companies a share of the oil sector in the regions of eastern Syria.
Third, the Syrian side to provide the Americans with full data of the terrorist groups and their members, including the numbers of foreign fighter deads of these groups and those who survived, and those may return to Western countries, considering that the terrorist threat is intercontinental. And what we can get, serve the international security.

As you could have guessed, these demands were summarily rejected by Syrian officials and the US contingent left Damascus empty-handed.

The details of the meeting were compiled by Wafik Kanso and translated by Kevork Almassian.

Read the full report at Syriana Analysis…

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