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CNN Struggling to Maintain Its Failing Russia Narrative

“The crooked press.” “They are so dishonest.” “Fake news.” “Bad people.”  Those were recent comments made by President Trump during a recent rally in Montana. In response, CNN is claiming victim status, as their reporter Abby Phillip shrieked, “So there’s your answer to the question of whether Trump’s rhetoric would change after 5 journalists were gunned down in Annapolis.”

It’s no secret that Trump is at war with CNN, and that CNN is functioning as the deep state’s vanguard in stoking a war, or at least permanent international tension – with Russia. Occasionally however, CNN gets a dose of bad medicine it most surely needs.

Watch as Stephen Cohen, Professor Emeritus from Princeton (see some of his work here) puts bitter and flippant russophobe Max Boot in his place, and exposing CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s lack of journalism skills in the process:

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue