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SYRIA: The Terrorists and their Backers, Including U.K, U.S Media are “Loathsome, Uncultured and Malignant”

Commando of the SAA 4th Division in Daraa. (Photo: Twitter)

Dr Marcus Papadopoulos 
Syria Times

Dr. Marcus Papadopoulos, the British political analyst and the founder and editor of Politics First magazine, has emphasized that the liberation of Daraa province from terrorist groups will politically strengthen the hand of the Syrian people in their fight against western and regionally-backed Wahhabist terrorism.

He told the Syriatimes e-newspaper that Syrians will be able to say to the outside world that Syrian soil will always be Syrian and not American, British, Turkish, Saudi or Qatari.

“After the liberation of Daraa, the percentage of territory in Syria controlled by the Syrian Government will increase and therefore serve as another moral boost for Syrian officials, especially at a time when Damascus is planning enormously important military campaigns for the liberation of north-west Syria from the terrorist and Turkish hordes there,” Dr. Papadopoulos said.

He elaborated why the current military operation in Daraa province in the south of Syria is important.

“The Syrian military’s campaign to liberate the Daraa region from the terrorists is extremely important for two reasons: Firstly, the security of Damascus will be complete once Daraa is liberated.  Whilst there are terrorist formations based just 70 miles away from Damascus, the Syrian capital is not entirely safe, despite the recent liberation of East Ghouta.  Daraa remains a potential springboard for the terrorists to attack Damascus from; and secondly, the freeing of Daraa will inevitably lead to the liberation of lands in Quneitra which are controlled by a number of terrorist groups: ISIS, Al-Qaeda and the so-called Free Syrian Army.  The terrorists were, in part, able to conquer Quneitra because they had free access from neighboring Daraa.  Once Daraa is freed, then the terrorists in Quneitra will lose their lifeline.”

Despite the importance of the military operation in the south of Syria, the coverage of Western media, which is a gross distortion of events there is not, at present, receiving anywhere near as much coverage as the campaigns in East Ghouta and East Aleppo received, according to the British political analyst, who sees that Washington and London fully understand now that their objective to overthrow the Syrian Government has failed and that there is little point in committing resources to propping up the terrorists in Daraa.

“However, once the Syrian military turns its attention fully to liberating the Idlib and Aleppo regions, then I suspect that American and British media will devote significant coverage to this because Washington and London are hoping to retain influence in this part of Syria, through, perhaps, partition. The response of the US and the UK will be very different compared to their stance on Daraa. They will put up a fight for it when the time comes, which I believe is nearing,” Dr. Papadopoulos said.

Some of the munitions recovered from the “moderate rebel” stores in Daraa. (Photo: Twitter)

He added: “ Now, Western media, acting on the instructions of their political masters, will hurl every abuse and horrid accusation which they can think of against the men and women of the Syrian military.  Because the political elites in Washington and London consider north-west Syria to be of immense geo-strategic importance to themselves hence they want to maintain their foothold there.  Attempts by the Americans and the British to partition Syria in Idlib, the latter being past masters of partition, is a distinct possibility.  So the unscrupulous journalists of American and Britain mainstream media will do the bidding of their political masters, and I suspect that these wretched human beings will probably allege the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian military against civilians in Idlib, as a precursor for American and British military action against Syria, in support of their terrorist proxies.”

Dr. Papadopoulos reiterated that mainstream media in the UK and in the US is neither free nor independent but is, instead, a part of the British and American establishments, respectively.  Therefore British and American media distort the truth about the conflict in Syria and the campaigns by the Syrian military to free Syria from Wahhabist barbarism.

“Regrettably, those outlets have been very successful in influencing their audiences.  In the UK, newspapers like The Times and The Guardian are thought of by many Britons as being respectable and credible when, in reality, they merely peddle British Government propaganda and attempt to denigrate anyone in the public eye in Britain who challenges Whitehall’s narrative on the conflict in Syria.  He who controls the media is able to mould public opinion.  British people, in general, are slaves to British mainstream media and are victims of it, too.  And what is even worse is that Britons are not aware of the hold that their media exerts over their lives,” he clarified.

Asked about the stance of Jordan on the battle currently waging in Daraa, the British political analyst replied: “ Like America, Britain and Israel, I believe that Jordan considers any major attempts to help the terrorists in this region to be futile.  Further to that, Jordan wants to achieve some kind of cordial agreement with the Syrian Government once the conflict in Syria is over hence this far outweighs pointless attempts to support the terrorists in Daraa.  The possibility of secret meetings already taking place between Syrian and Jordanian officials cannot be discounted.”

Dr. Papadopoulos made it clear that Jordan is, in effect, a vassal state of the US and, to a lesser extent, the UK.  Much of the Jordanian elite studied and trained in America and Britain; for example, many Jordanian army officers, including King Abdullah II himself, carried out their officer training at Britain’s Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.  So during the conflict in Syria, Jordan has played a role in facilitating the arrival of terrorists and arms into the country, though nowhere near to the extent that Turkey has done, for a number of reasons.

Israelis are hardly going to adopt a position contrary to what the superpowers are doing

Concerning Israel’s role in the events taking place in the south of Syria, the British analyst said: “It has been categorically proven that Israel has, for a number of years now, been supporting the Wahhabist terrorist groups in Syria, especially the formations of ISIS, Al-Qaeda and the FSA in Quneitra.  That said, however, Tel Aviv is acutely aware that the Syrian people have prevailed against the attempts made to destroy their state hence it would be a waste of Israeli resources to keep on supporting the terrorists in Daraa, who are now doomed and who will soon be served justice.”

He went on to say: “Russia is playing a crucial role in the campaign to liberate Daraa through the use of its air force, and Moscow told Tel Aviv, privately and in no uncertain terms, that Daraa will be liberated and that the Syrian Army will be in complete control of the region – the Israelis received the message loud and clear.  Furthermore, America, which is Israel’s most important friend and ally and, indeed, its lifeline (as America is to Turkey), has said that it will not come to the aid of the terrorists in Daraa – the Americans know that Daraa, unlike Idlib and Aleppo, is a lost cause.  So with Russia telling Israel to stay out of the fighting in Daraa, and with America declining to support the terrorists in Daraa, the Israelis are hardly going to adopt a position contrary to what the superpowers are doing.  That is realpolitik.”

Idlib will be liberated by Syrian army

Dr. Papadopoulos underlined that the battle for Idlib, once it is completely underway, will be the final major one in the Syrian conflict.

“I have no doubt whatsoever that victory will go to the Syrian Armed Forces, a heroic force of men and women who epitomize the secular and multi-cultural state that is Syria.  Idlib will be liberated by the men and women of the Syrian Armed Forces, people who have been fighting for their homeland against American, British, Turkish, Saudi and Qatari-backed terrorists for over seven years now.  Those terrorists, and their backers, including in American and British mainstream media, are everything that the Syrian people are not: repulsive, loathsome, uncultured and malignant,” he concluded.


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