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Propaganda & Manipulation: How Mass Media Engineers and Distorts Our Perceptions

The presentation before by Dr Jerry Kroth was first published in 2013, but it offers a solid framework with which to compare western corporate media propaganda surrounding 9/11 and Iraq War – to contemporary western propaganda currently being deployed in order to demonize Russia through MH17 and The Skripal Affair, as well as routine ‘chemical weapons’ allegations against Syria – in order to initiate new wars.

Here’s a refresher highlight reel of the US Iraq propaganda program which was put into action in the run-up to 2003:

This video on the psychology of propaganda by Prof. Jerry Kroth reviews five major techniques for how American mass media manipulates and twists the view Americans have of their world. The seriousness of the distortion, and our progressive loss of contact with reality is dramatic. We are increasingly living inside a media-induced trance without knowing it. While children are conditioned to believe that Ronald MacDonald is more real than Abraham Lincoln, American adults have been successfully trained by the media to believe that Saddam Hussein was somehow involved with 9/11, was harbouring al Qaeda and was hiding massive stockpiles of WMDs. From Coke to Carl’s Jr., Hip-hop to the Iraq War and Syria – the role of subliminal propaganda in our lives is all pervasive.

The following video presentation is based on Dr. Kroth’s recent book, Implosion: delusion, denial, and the prospect of collapse. Watch: 

Dr Jerry Kroth is the author of, Duped: Delusion, denial, and the end of the American dream.

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue