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Another Year, More Color Revolutions?

21st Century Wire says…

In the last days of 2017, a smattering of US-Saudi-Israel-backed protests kicked off in Iran, which has been enthusiastically reported by Pentagon-linked propaganda media outlet CNN. It was a combination of some legitimate economic protests by residents, but as is usually the case with uprisings in target nations – genuine protests were infiltrated by agent provocateurs who started setting fire to government buildings and attacking religious institutions.

[Sunday Wire Radio Show: Episode #217 – ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted’ with guests Caleb Maupin, Mike RobinsonListen to this week’s Sunday Wire Radio Show, as host Patrick Henningsen talks with American author and popular RT International correspondent, Caleb Maupin, about what’s really been happening in Iran over this past week and what to expect going forward in the region.]

Whether the US and its partners can gin-up such street agitation and leverage it into a full-on Color Revolution in Iran and subsequent regime change – remains to be seen. One thing is clear:  the appetite for US-backed faux ‘revolutions’ has waned considerably in the two years, mainly because people and governments are now aware of who is engineering the political unrest, namely the US government and its ‘Democracy NGOs’ and other George Soros ‘civil society’ organizations.

Certainly in the Middle East, the color revolution game is finished for the time being, as people are aware that the US and its allies are willing partners with radical Islamist terrorist groups in order to achieve regime change.

The world has seen its disastrous results in countries like Syria, Libya and even in Ukraine (with the US backing of violent fascist and NeoNazi street gangs and Far Right political mobs). This won’t stop the US however, as new target lists are being drawn up by the department for regime change based in Langley, Virginia. The US will either use the color revolution method, or they will seek ‘change’ through the stoking of artificial ‘unrest’ designed to destabilize the political structures of the country.

Saakashvilli has found a new mark in Kiev.

Look for possible unrest in key NATO footholds like Macedonia, and also for the CIA to try and overthrow its own puppet in Ukraine, President Poreshenko, possibly in favour of likely CIA asset and John McCain’s personal protégé, ex-Georgian President and now corporate-Trotskyite carpetbagger extraordinaire, Mikhail Saakashvili.

Other prime CIA target nations are Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Argentine, Nicaragua, El Salvador and, of course, the eternal CIA regime change project, Cuba. 2018 will be a busy year for the CIA and George Soros – as they cling to the old order.

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