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Statement from Nobel Peace Prize Watch Protesting White Helmet Nomination for Second Year.

21st Century Wire says…

First the Oscar, then a second Nobel Peace Prize nomination. The travesty that is the whitewashing of the not-so-White Helmets reaches another low. They have been shortlisted along with leader Raed Saleh, also TIME icon of the year 2016, for the 2017 Nobel Prize. Their bid for “peace” stardom was unceremoniously derailed in 2016 but has been revived, one year later, by their inexorable PR agents at Syria Campaign and Purpose. 

White Helmet operative participating in the gruesome dismemberment of SAA prisoners of war bodies, severed heads paraded as trophies. (Photos: Screenshots from video)

This follows on the heels of two videos released in 2017 exposing White Helmet members participating in and mopping up a Sharia Court execution and the dismemberment of Syrian Arab Army soldiers’ bodies after they had been captured by US backed militants in Daraa, southern Syria.

Fredrik S. Heffermehl & Tomas Magnusson of the Nobel Peace Prize Watch have written the following statement to protest this farcical nomination:

Nobel Peace Prize 2017 – for the White Helmets?

The Nobel Peace Prize Watch/nobelwill.org will highly regret it if the 2017 prize would be awarded to the White Helmets in Syria. Alfred Nobel did not create a prize for humanitarian work in wars, but a prize to prevent wars – by a fundamental reform of international relations, a new world order that Nobel called “creating the brotherhood of nations.” This ambition seems not to be part of the White Helmets purpose.

A prize for the White Helmets would, however, be entirely in line with the pro-Western policies of the Norwegian politicians awarding the peace prize. The foreign-created and NATO-financed “Syrian Civil Defence” or White Helmets, allegedly 3000 ordinary citizens, are not independent, as they claim on their website. Tiny as they are, they’ve received conspicuously generous foreign funding from NATO states and Japan with as much as US $ 125 million. The White Helmets have done little humanitarian work and nothing for peace..

There are plenty of people around the world who do the kind of peace work Alfred Nobel described in his will, “the champions of peace” as he called them, work to prevent wars, end militarism and promote a new global co-operation, an international peace order that Nobel called “the brotherhood of nations”

The Swedish Nobel Foundation is legally and ethically responsible for ensuring that Nobel´s prizes comply with his will, and in 2012 promised to Swedish authorities that it will not use Foundation assets for an illegitimate winner. If the Norwegian whim in 2017 will be to favor the White Helmets the Foundation Board in Stockholm will be obliged by law to overturn the decision of its subsidiary committee in Oslo and refuse to pay the prize. Otherwise the Board Members risk personal economic liability, as they have been asked to pay in a controversy over the 2012 prize for the EU now pending in the European Court of Human Rights, Strasbourg.

Gøteborg/Oslo, 6.10 2017-10-05


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