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REVEALED: A Secret Agreement to Restore Raqqa to Syria?

Syria battle map from August, 2017 (Source: South Front)

21st Century Wire says…

This report is still unconfirmed, but based on the current strategic situation in Syria, this apparent behind closed doors agreement would be a practical decision.

Ever since ISIS became prominent in northeastern Syria in 2014, the United States gradually moved in to back the Kurdish defense forces and militias, including the YPG and a new Kurdish fighting group set up by Pentagon called the ‘Syria Democratic Forces’ (SDF). The US and Israeli objective appears to have been to allow ISIS to gradually depopulate the area, and then once ISIS could be moved out of their stronghold in Raqqa, then Washington would use their Kurdish proxies to occupy strategic towns and cities – including the area around Raqqa. This appears to have been very poor planning by the Pentagon, as it not only ignores the demographics of the area (Arab majority), but it’s also ignorant of the fact that not all Kurds desire an independent state or Rojava canton. The US deep state’s masterplan for a federalized partition of Syria also appears to have ignored another obvious factor – that Syria was not going to hand over any of its territory in a US-led course of action.

If true, this could be a positive step towards ending the long Syrian conflict…

(Point of caution: if such a deal exists, then Syria and Russia should beware of the US either reneging on this deal, or directing its proxies on the ground to disrupt any ceasefire or other memorandums of understanding)

The Syrian Arab Army, Russia, the United States and the Units of protection of the Kurdish Forces of the people have reached a secret agreement to coordinate their action against Daesh in Raqqa.

This information was published for the first time by the Qatarian press agency, Almodon on 23 July 2017, then denied, then published again by The Independent (London) [1].

At the beginning of the war against Syria, from 2011 – 2014 Kurdish militia were fighting on the side of the Syrian Arab Army. However, on 31 October 2014 when France and Turkey undertook to create a Kurdish state in Syria (a country where the Kurds have not been massively present since the eighties) and to direct the Kurds living in the Turkish Kurdistan there, some of the Kurd militia crossed sides and joined NATO.

It was only then that Damascus took these militia off its pay roll and furthermore, stopped equipping them with weapons. These militia only returned to Syria when Turkey began massacring its Kurds and when the U.S. President, Donald Trump, drove through new targets for his army.

The agreement on Raqqa is the second one of the year. It follows the agreement reached on Manbij/Al-Bab by virtue of which, the territories that the Kurds have liberated from Turkish occupation have been restored to Damascus.

Anoosha Boralessa

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