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Kensington Resident: As the Building Burned, Police Told Families to ‘Stay in Your Property’

1 Grenfell Tower Fire

As the dust clears from the Grenfell Tower inferno, residents are beginning to tell their personal stories – some of them are truly shocking. 

One local female resident described how police were pushing residents away who were trying to help families escape the burning building – while emergency services were simultaneously instructing residents by telephone who were trapped inside their flats to ‘Stay in your property.’ If this report is indeed true, then this aspect of emergency response protocol may come under review during the government’s  upcoming public inquiry into the disaster.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Potentially, an even more controversial component of this video: the woman in this emotionally-charged TV interview also went on to suggest that other residents felt that – either through the act of arson or as part of a delayed or severely botched rescue effort by the Fire Brigade and Police (the woman did not specify which she was referring to) – was somehow seen by some residents as “revenge” against Muslim tenants in the building in retaliation for the recent London Bridge Attacks. While a definitive ruling on events is still forthcoming, intense emotions on the street combined with the absence of any official explanation as to why so few people escaped, and why the number of reported deaths appears extremely low in comparison to the total number of residents living in the Grenfell Tower (estimated building capacity 450-500) – is fueling a number of different conspiracies scenarios currently circulating on the ground in West London.

Watch this stunning clip:


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