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Award Given by REAL Syria Civil Defence Recognising Work of Vanessa Beeley

1 RSCD_Beeley_MG_5558
British journalist Vanessa Beeley with the ‘Red Helmets’ aka REAL Syria Civil Defence crew at award ceremony in Latakia, Syria this week (Photo: Patrick Henningsen @21WIRE)

21st Century Wire 

This week British journalist Vanessa Beeley was recognized by the REAL Syria Civil Defence and Fire Brigade for her work in helping to raise awareness about their organisation internationally.

Beeley had been at the facility to follow up on her story on the REAL Syria Civil Defence, and was surprised to have her Q & A session interrupted for a snap award ceremony.

“I was completely overwhelmed by this award, totally unexpected, and its still sinking in. These Real Syria Civil Defence are the unsung heroes in the 6 year war being waged against Syria,” said Beeley.

Back in September 2016 as part of her investigation into the White Helmets, Beeley broke the story of the existence of the REAL Syria Civil Defense – a story which was completely ignored by the global mainstream media. Her investigation further exposed US and UK-backed efforts to delegitimize Syria’s legitimate civil agencies through the creation of western and gulf-financed shadow NGOs like the “White Helmets” founded in Turkey by former British military intelligence officer and private security consultancy head James Le Mesurier.

Since 2013, western media outlets have continued to ramp-up expensive public relations efforts designed to artificially elevate the White Helmets, a pseudo ‘search and rescue NGO’ who ripped-off the title “Syria’s Civil Defense” in order to lend it some legitimacy for western audiences, and for expensive PR and crowd-funding campaigns run out of New York City and London – all the while as the White Helmets continued to receive hundreds of millions of dollars primarily by the governments of the UK, US and EU member states.

Because of the terrorist affiliation of many of their alleged ‘volunteers,’  the White Helmets are now regarded by well-read and objective observers as ‘al Qaeda’s Civil Defense.’

Founded in 1953 in Syria, and by Syrians, the REAL Syria Civil Defence wear red helmets.

Beeley immediately recognized the importance of this story, and has been credited with bringing awareness of the real organization’s existence to an international audience. Unlike the terrorist-linked US-UK clandestine creation the White Helmets, the REAL Syria Civil Defence is an actual member of the International Civil Defense Organisation (ICDO) based in Geneva.


After the ceremony, Beeley explained the significance of recognising the real organisation, as opposed to the west’s cut-out creation:

“It has been an honour for me to be able to spend time with them and to get to know them as the brave, humble human beings they are. Real Syrians saving Real Syrians. The fight to raise awareness must not falter while they fight so hard to protect the Syrian people against economic, media and military terrorism. We all have a duty to raise awareness of their existence and to expose the White Helmets as the, primarily, UK funded, created, promoted Nusra Front ‘civil defence,’ responsible for the majority of false flags that have threatened to escalate the conflict and further exacerbate the suffering of the Syrian people.”

“I am very moved to have been given this award and proud to be considered worthy of it by the true heroes in Syria, the REAL Syria Civil Defence, whose simple motto is: Discipline, Courage, Redemption.”

Dr. Malek Rifai, head of Latakia’s Ministry of Information was also also in attendance to facilitate the event.

2 RSCD_Beeley_MG_5575
Vanessa Beeley pictured here with Dr. Malek Rifai, Latakia’s head of Ministry of Information, and Civil Defense first responders crew, at the governorate’s regional branch of the REAL Syria Civil Defence and Fire Brigade in northwest Syria (Photo: Patrick Henningsen @21WIRE)

The event came to a quick halt however, when the station received an emergency call, and crews and trucks were scrambled to deal with a breaking situation near the city limits. Watch, as 21WIRE caught the tail end of their emergency ‘113’ call:


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