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Western Liberals & Middle East: How by Their Rejection of Arab Secularism They Embraced Wahhabi Terrorism

WASHINGTON & RIYADH’S CREATURES: Western-backed “moderate” terrorists murdering Syrians who do not submit to their brand of violent religious extremism.

Nedka Babliku
The Duran

To understand how the liberal mindset has evolved, or rather devolved, one needs only look at Syria and Yemen and contrast it with the events and feelings surrounding the 2003 invasion of Iraq when many well-meaning left-wing liberals took to the streets in protest against the war.

Today, however, one can reasonably assume that the majority of the same people couldn’t care less about the Western backed illegal intervention in Syria as Adam Garrie writes, a war that not only has led to thousands of civilian deaths, poverty and displacement, but has also shattered the infrastructure and social cohesion that Bashar al-Assad and his father Hafez worked hard to build for decades.

As for Yemen, sadly the crisis remains an abstract idea to many self-centred liberals in the West.

Their justification for their profound lack of awareness and empathy is that they’ve convinced themselves with the help of NATO mouthpieces BBC, CNN and other news channels alike, that Bashar al-Assad is a dictator.

Many said the same about Saddam Hussein but that didn’t prevent a million people from marching because they still had a degree of common sense left to understand that war is first and foremost, a terrible idea, one in which there are no winners. At the very least, they understood that the war was not about Saddam Hussein, but about an imperialist violation of international law designed to destroy an independent secular Arab state.

Now, however, they seem to have lost all perspective and become numb to reality.

1 obama-rice-power
THE WAHABI WAY: Through the fraud of the ‘moderate rebel’ myth, Obama, Susan Rice and Samantha Power were pivotal in building an extremist, terrorist army in Syria.

I’ve heard many say that so long as there is no war in Europe, all is OK in the world. But if they are too ignorant to understand that the Balkan region, where international wars tend to begin and often end constitutes a part of Europe, how can they be expected to understand Arab secularism?

If anything, Saddam Hussein was more of a dictator than Bashar al-Assad could ever be, as was evident when Assad announced that he would pardon the terrorists if they would only put their weapons down.

Saddam Hussein by contrast would most certainly have executed anyone who rose against him on the spot.  In Iraqi terms he was right to do.  Those who feel this is too harsh, clearly know very little about Iraq – or indeed about Syria – and have never seen ISIS videos of beheadings and other atrocities.

Since 2003 and especially since Brexit and Trump, liberal aggressiveness has reached new heights.

Liberals always had a lunatic fringe, but now mainstream liberalism seems to inhabit a realm of total detachment from reality and a lack of honest understanding of world events.

Liberals’ tolerance for the perverse – including the insidious acceptance of Wahhabism – has increased significantly, and has meant that people can no longer distinguish right from wrong.  Perhaps if BBC were to show an ISIS video every day, people in the West would quickly get the idea, and gain some perspective. But liberals, especially those within the establishment media, are more concerned with their own existential crises than with real ones.

This story was originally published at The Duran

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