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PAY 2 PLAY: Democratic Convention Ends Amid Controversy, Empty Seats & White Noise

Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire

The 2016 Democratic National Convention was the latest in a long line of sordid political productions…

It was a tough week for the Clinton ‘change makers’ as Bernie Sanders delegates staged a mass walkout after a series of email leaks disclosed that a Clinton lawyer gave the DNC strategy advice on how to sideline the Sanders campaign.

There were also claims of white noise machines used to quell any anti-Clinton dissent inside the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

‘Help Wanted: Actors Needed’

Putting aside the fact that today’s US presidential conventions have turned into celebrity show business promotional events (pop star Katie Perry, Ted Danson, and even British actor Orlando Bloom et all), there’s another more disturbing controversy emerging – this time over a Craigslist ad stating that, “actors were needed for a national convention” – prompting critics to suggest empty seats had to be filled prior to the end of the convention and that the July 27th ad was at the behest of the DNC.

Whether or not all or some of the claims above are fully accurate, 2016’s DNC was unquestionably a contentious affair filled with a heavy dose of identity politics.

In fact, the star-studded event conjured the bizarre Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting from just over a month ago by having Christine Leinonen speak at the convention, a former Michigan State Police trooper/Florida Attorney turned Wheel of Fortune hopeful, and mother of Christopher (Drew) Leinonen, an apparent victim of “America’s largest mass shooting.”

Here’s Australia’s Peekay Truth on YouTube examining the phenomena surrounding Christine Leinonen…

Interestingly, Chris Leinonen’s pro gun father Mark Bando, a former patrol officer for the city of Detroit PD from 1974-99, did not speak at the convention on behalf of his son.

Additionally at Leinonen’s speech at the DNC, she was accompanied by Pulse nightclub shooting survivor Brandon Wolf, who just happens to be a former runner-up on Bravo TV’s The Kandi Factory. We’ve noted before, the many strange Hollywood links to the Pulse shooting, including the apparent actor-cum-shooter Omar Mateen.


Below is a YouTube video from the user Run2Christ HD, which investigates the many casting connections linked to Brandon Wolf, while also disclosing that one of the Pulse nightclub founders, Ron Legler, is the president of the Florida Theatrical Association and a booking agent for national touring broadway productions. Some of FTA’s productions include The Lion King, Chicago and The Phantom of the Opera.

Here’s Brandon Wolf ready for his close-up…

Here’s a screen shot of Ron Legler’s professional background…


Here at 21WIRE, we examined much of the anomalies associated with the Orlando shooting, an event that failed to account for any shootings said to have taken place within the nightclub, as the FBI’s own transcript made no mention of individuals being shot inside the club.

If you remember, according to FOX analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano plainly states that all of the Pulse nightclub victims met their fate when Orlando police entered the building…

Here’s a You Tube video montage from Educate Yourself, that displays some of the strange behaviour exhibited by Christine Leinonen…

More DNC discussion from Zero Hedge below…

‘DNC NIGHTMARE?’ – Empty seats observed during roll call at the DNC. (Image Source: fellowshipofminds)

Zero Hedge

Did The DNC Hire Actors (At Below Minimum Wage) To Work At The Convention?

Following the exposure of a fake Trump job advertisement designed by The DNC to embarrass Trump, it is interesting that a Craigslist ad calling for “Actors Needed for National Convention” has surfaced…

Whether the ad is real or fake is unclear, but the text suggests below minimum wage compensation (7-plus hours work for $50) and the number of walkouts from the Convention indicates perhaps a need for cheering happy seat-fillers…

‘SNOOZEFEST’ – Bill Clinton nods off during Hillary’s vacuous speech. (Image Source: YouTube)

Actors Needed For National Convention (Philadelphia)
compensation: $50.00


Looking for 700 people to be utilized as actors during the National Convention.


We currently have a number of empty seats that will need to be filled as we are currently removing a number of people and need to refill their seats for the remainder of the conference.


You will be paid $50.00 each night for the remainder of the convention. You will be required to cheer at all times and will be asked to dress properly and possibly wear some promotional material.

Which makes sense if one looks at the following shocking video from film director, Josh Fox, best known for his Oscar-nominated anti-fracking documentary Gasland, captured inside the DNC…

As DailyWire.com reports, Fox tells the camera… “This is amazing, this place is empty. There is nobody left in here. I mean this whole stadium, look at this,” as he pans his cellphone to show the lack of cheering Dems.

He continues in disbelief, adding, “This is not voter enthusiasm…. I can’t believe my eyes. I’ve never seen anything like this. This is the primetime of the Democratic National Convention right after the nomination of Hillary Clinton and this place is emptied out like crazy. I’m stunned.”

“This is insane. The whole California delegation is pretty much gone,” he adds. “I mean this has got to be something very worrisome for the Democrats. Voter enthusiasm wins elections.”

More from Zero Hedge….

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