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German MP Welcomes 60 Different ‘Genders’ Before Opposing Diversity Bill

21st Century Wire says…

This conservative German politician has perfectly highlighted the ‘gender’ absurdity.

Conservative, German MP Steffen Königer has joined the ranks of many experts who are decrying the ‘gender movement’ as a signal of a complete societal collapse as he announced:

“Dear Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen,” 

“Dear homosexuals, dear lesbians, dear androgynes, dear bi-genders, trans-men, trans-women, and trans-humans.”

His tirade of titles continues for well over a minute, and when briefly interrupted by the president of the parliament who tries to pose a question, Königer responds:

“I’m not done with my introduction yet, Mr. President. Sorry.”

The looks he gets from the panel of officials behind him are simply priceless.

One feminist author is warning that the ‘rise of transgender mania‘ suggests total societal decay, a university professor has warned that sex robots will totally ‘stop people forming relationships with normal people‘, and now a daycare has opened in Chicago specifically for adults to attend who want to wear diapers and act like babies.

Watch the German MP take his time to personally address 60 different ‘genders’, effectively saying enough is enough, before opposing a so-called ‘diversity bill’:

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