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Chicago Daycare Opens for ADULTS to Wear Diapers, Act Like Babies

21st Century Wire says…

It’s called – ‘Tykables.’

A disturbing number of stories have been emerging of late documenting what can only be seen as our complete cultural and societal collapse…

A top feminist author has described the ‘rise of transgender mania‘ as a symptom of cultural collapse, a robotics professor has warned that sex robots will ‘stop people forming relationships with normal people, and now we bring you news of a daycare opening in Chicago that is specifically for adults to attend who want to wear diapers and act like babies.

The need for such a daycare is evidence of both the growing infantilization of adults and the widespread prevalence of severe psychological problems in Western populations.

Instead of politically fighting against the ever increasing encroachment on our freedoms and constant drive to new wars, adults are spending their time cheering on sports teams and literally sitting around in diapers.

Here is a somewhat disturbing promotional video from Tykables:

The following is a report from RT on the store:

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