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‘Laptop Bomb’ Explodes at Airport in Somalia

21st Century Wire says…

Problem, reaction, solution?

This is the second ‘laptop bomb’ plot in Somalia in a month. More security, but to what end? Back in June 2015, we learned that 95 percent of fake bombs made it through airport security in DHS test.

Maybe Michael Chertoff has a brand new detection machine waiting in the wings for this latest terror gizmo?

Beyond the twins theatres of terror and ‘security’, and beneath the sands of the Horn of Africa, there exists some of the largest proven, and untouched oil reserves on the planet in Somalia.

We can only guest which new ‘security measure’ western government agencies will be calling for in the wake of this latest apparent “terror attack.” Enter stage left – the antagonist, Al Shabaab…

Mogadishu Airport: a laptop bomb explosive detection dog helps to screen passengers’ luggage in Somalia (Image Credit: An24)

MOGADISHU – A bomb exploded at an airport checkpoint in Somalia on Monday. But it’s what the bomb was in that has the United States worried.

The bomb was hidden in a laptop computer and shattered windows at the small airport north of the Somali capitol Mogadishu. Somali investigators say two more explosives were found and defused, including one in a printer.

In February, a laptop bomb smuggled through airport security in Mogadishu blew a hole in a jetliner shortly after takeoff. One man was sucked out of the plane and killed.

The terrorist group al Shabaab is suspected in both explosions, but the devices have the hallmarks of al Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula.

In 2010, AGAP tried and failed to use bombs embedded in printer cartridges to blow up cargo planes…

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[Are we really looking at real terrorist organizations here, or are we looking at some other agents involved in this Hegelian odyssey?]




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