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SYRIA: ‘NATO’s Secret War’ with Russia – What You’re Not Told by the BBC or MPs

21st Century Wire says…

How poor is the mainstream media and political discourse from reality?  After listening to British MPs last week, each making up their own fictional account of how they imagine facts on the ground in Syria – and with zero challenge from media Quislings at the BBC and Britain neutered newspaper sector – we’d say that things are pretty bad indeed.

British radio host and journalist Tony Gosling pulls together an excellent round table discussion this week on the subject…

Investigative reports: Interview with Mehrnaz Shahabi, an Iranian Bristolian, on Syria: Roland Dumas and his claim the British started the Syrian civil war on French TV, Wikileaks documents, and regime change in Syria – witnesses in Syria say Jihadis in crowd at early demonstrations were shooting at demonstrators and police. Interview with Dan Glazebrook, author of ‘Divide and Ruin, about Syria: insertion of extremists funded and trained by West; targeting of Assad; so-called moderate rebels; Frank Field MP – ISIS given free hand as long as fighting Assad; Strategic Russian naval base in Tartus, also Latakia in Syria, which Russia cannot afford to lose – Russia versus NATO; Paris attacks; Libya – failed states help extremists to flourish. Mehrnaz and Martin Summers – bombing of Syria not legal according to UN Security Council Resolution 2249; Turkish army goes into Iraq; Iraq only wants Russia there; Patrick Henningsen from 21st Century Wire on a possible new EU army; West in war against Russia, China, and Iran; Are their similarities between Hitler and ISIS? No. Mehrnaz lists the various different Jihadi groups in Syria that are said by the Western media to be ‘moderate’; Israeli jets bombing near Damascus; Russia bombing The Turkmen or Grey Wolves in Syria who are working with Turkish intelligence; Patrick Henningsen – no forensic evidence of ISIS involved in Paris attacks or San Bernadino – NATO false flag terrorism – West’s motives – gas, oil, military industry, religious – Saudi Royal family; Ghouta chemical attack; balkanisation of region; British officials (MI6?) probably responsible for starting Syrian civil war and now, therefore, possibly World War 3…

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue
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