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Why Is Western Media So Slow To Cover Saudi Arabia’s Slaughter in Yemen?

21st Century Wire says…

Since Saudi Arabia began its war of aggression against its neighbor Yemen back in March 25, 2015, western media have been very slow to place the blame on the country who is actually dropping the bombs on the Yemeni people.

The first step in the western propaganda operation surrounding the sacking of Yemen is how the west labels the conflict as the “Yemen Civil War” when its obvious how foreign powers are driving the conflict and its death toll.

What’s much worse however, is how Saudi Arabia’s targeting of civilian areas in Yemen is cynically referred to by the New York Times as “errant coalition strikes” that took out, among other things, a water-bottling plant in in Al-Sham, Yemen (see their article here).

CARPET BOMBING: Yemeni people inspecting the aftermath of a Saudi airstrike (Image Source: Workers.org)

Such is the level of denial and arrogance by the dictatorial Saudi monarchy’s US-equipped Wahabist military, that when confronted with a direct question about the Yemeni civilians they are killing – they will routinely deny their own involvement in any civilians being murdered from the air.

According to Brig. Gen. Ahmed Asiri, the “coalition” spokesman, when asked whether the airstrikes had killed noncombatants his response was simply: “Why would we acknowledge something that doesn’t exist?”

ARROGANT: Saudi Arabian Brig. Gen. Ahmed Asiri denies responsibility for killings in Yemen.

According to the UN’s own numbers, well over 2,000 civilian deaths have been registered by relief authorities in Yemen. The real numbers are likely to be much higher even.

Clearly, Saudi Arabia is a lost cause when it comes to exercising restraint in their march towards regional hegemony.

Sadly, mandarins in Washington DC and London are not much further along the evolutionary scale. Both Saudi and its NATO allies should be reminded that the use of highly explosive and destructive weapons in populated areas, and attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure – which is clearly in violation of International Humanitarian Law (IHL).

Without a doubt, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (with the full political and military backing of the US and Britain) is completely responsible for the large-scale crisis the world is witnessing in Yemen.

Western media have been slow to cover the Yemen issue in an honest way, but as the situation is becoming more grave and the suffering more widespread, cracks are finally beginning to appear in the western mainstream media.

Better late than never…

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