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‘You’ll Die in a Car Accident’: FBI’s Threat to Man Who Did Not Want to Be An ‘Informant’

21st Century Wire says…

Saving lives. Keeping us safe. We are told that this costs us hundreds of billions of dollars per year. We are also told that the rule of law must be suspended in and around this effort. We are told never to question any of it.

In the absence of any real terror threat’ in the US, many law enforcement and federal agencies like the DHS and the FBI still have to justify their ever-expanding department budgets and expensive annual shopping lists. If there isn’t a ‘clear and present danger’, then bureaucrats will do what bureaucrats do – and make up the terror threat.

For the myriad of corporate contractors and media outlets still living high off the federal terror hog, fear is simply good for businessjust ask former DHS head Michael Chertoff, a man who made millions on the full-body scanners – as a direct result of the US government’s fake “Underwear Bomber” charade.

On any given day there are at least 15,000 American citizens working as ‘informants’ for the FBI, and for many, or most, it’s not by choice. If you refuse to play the terror game, you will be harassed, jailed, or even tortured by US federal proxies overseas.

Here’s one man’s story…

He was a respectable, law-abiding American, but in the eyes of the federal government, he was born with an original sin – he was born with Arab blood.

They threatened his life, and had his mother fired.

As a US citizen born in America, he quickly discovered that he and family had no rights.

It’s just another example of out-of-control federal racketeering and intimidation…

The Mistreatment of Naji Mansour, an American

Brasscheck TV

I’m sure there are some decent people who work for the FBI.

But the number of thugs the Bureau employs to carry out thuggish, illegal acts is truly amazing. Do these guys have their own building? Do they get special badges? Are they trained in secret off-site locations or were they gangsters when they were hired?

I ask because it sometimes seems that there is a veritable army of these creeps out there: intimidating witnesses (sometimes to the point of killing them), collecting evidence and then destroying it, fabricating terrorism cases, and now this little trick: telling people they have to spy on their friends and neighbors – or else.

I’m glad this story is seeing the light of day…

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue