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Was ‘terrorist’ Buford Rogers actually being groomed as FBI informant?

Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire

US federal law enforcement and justice departments facing a few credibility issues of late, in part due to that new habit in Washington of overstating and trying squeeze that extra mileage out of all things ‘terror’.

The Establishment are building up the ‘domestic terrorist’ conversation…

If it wasn’t bad enough to witness an all-time low point in legal history this week – when Eric Holder and Department of Justice officially relabeled the common kitchen pressure cooker as a “Weapon of Mass Destruction” (a cynically corrupt legal ploy to force their suspect to plead guilty and thus never present any evidence in court), then came this….

PHOTO: Trailer park menace, Bucky Rogers, is this week’s FBI poster-child for US domestic terror.

The FBI felt the need for extra recognition this week by announcing in the national media that they had foiled another “terror plot” in Montevideo, Minnesota. Once you look into this case, the wind immediately begins to empty from the federal sails. It turns out that they only managed to charge their man, 24 year old trailer park icon, Buford ‘Bucky’ Rogers, with “felon in a possession of a firearm”.

So the FBI headlines read ‘terror’, but the rap sheet only reads ‘firearm’… 

Then for this particular Washington media tutorial, remember that Terror = Firearm.

Rogers’s online picture portfolio is near perfect for framing him as a domestic terror nut, and reminds us of another perfectly placed, online profile belonging to Norwegian shooter, Anders Breivik.

The big terror bust

After showing off their newest tank, bomb squad and paramilitary tac-team on the scene of their latest domestic terror raid, the FBI issued their press release Monday telling the American people that they believed “that a terror attack was disrupted by law enforcement personnel”, and that, “the lives of several local residents were potentially saved” thanks to the investigation”.

It all sounds very impressive and grandiose, until you take a look at their 24 year old terrorist Bucky – a legend on Facebook, not exactly al Qaeda material.

Buford ‘Bucky’ Rogers has all the same markings as a puppet being groomed for one of the FBI’s  national terrorist dramas.

He has the scary Facebook photos displayed publicly on social media. He kept an exotic weapon in his trailer, a Romanian-made AK-M rifle. He is also said to be the leader of the now notorious “Black Snake Militia”, an organization said to have “anti-government tendencies” (so far he is the only known card-carrying member). Interesting, a little entertaining  yes, but not that scary.

Buford Rogers does, however, have that one thing which all good FBI informants need: a prior conviction for a felony. For obvious reasons, his felon status makes it a whole lot easier for an agent to manage his man.

Skeptics reading this will being crying, ‘where is the proof’? Well, all we can say for sure thus far is that Rogers fits the FBI informant profile to the letter. If we isn’t an informant, then it’s likely he would have had a handler from an agency. Beyond that, we can show that they’ve done it before – and if they’ve done it before without being taken to court, then they can do it again. It’s already in the history books…

DOCUMENT: Rogers had a prior felony, making him the perfect cut-out character.

Add this to all the obvious, almost ridiculous baiting on social media and the comic book militia group, and suddenly, the Rogers case is being to wreak of FBI grooming. In June 2011, we’re told that he made several “anti-government statements” on his Facebook page, including these beauties:

“The war is here tsa agents are doing random cheeks and shooting people for no reson”

“…ever one better get your guns ready cuz there comeing FEMA”

“this is not bullshit just cuz its not in your back yard yet doesnt mean it wont b soon”

“the NWO has taken all your freedoms the right to bear arms freedom of speach freedom of the press cheek the shit out for your self this is fucking real”

So you still think that the FBI is not capable of grooming their selected terrorists?

The FBI employs some 15,000 undercover agents today, roughly ten fold what they had 30 years ago. When you read through all the mainstream media hype and political grandstanding, witnessed during the Boston Bombings, one fact stands out like a sore thumb – and its the same fact that no one will talk about – suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev was being handled by the FBI before the bombing and also was sent overseas under CIA cover. Someone(s) in government was building his profile for some reason. I think we now know why. In 1995, the same situation rang true with Timothy McVeigh, who himself was handled by the FBI right up to the time of the bombing as part of the FBI’s mission to build up the profile of an extremist right-wing militia group at Elohim City. Again, McVeigh’s profile was being built up for some reason before the Oklahoma City bombings, but just like Tsarnaev, McVeigh was pinned with the crime – one of the FBI’s many ‘lone gunmen’  and more domestic terrorist for the history books.

Here’s some that really scary however: almost every major terror plot in the US since 9/11  has featured FBI involvement in the handling of the eventual ‘terrorists’ – and even in the supplying of bombs or materials involved that the agency would later submit as evidence. If it sounds dodgy, that’s because it is, but few have ever dared how and why US federal law enforcement has managed to sink to such depths.

Even the World Trade Center Bombing in 1993 was a top to bottom FBI operation, but instead of swapping out the explosive material with harmless powder at the last minute, the FBI decided to let their ‘terrorist’ go ahead and set off a bomb with killed Americans. Most Americans are still in denial that this is how its federal government actually conducts business. The media do not help, as most have opted not to mention obvious anomalies when they appear. You could say safely that our system of law enforcement and justice is broken – and beyond repair by the looks of it.

Some handy advice if you’ve been caught up in the hype and lost your tether to reality: despite what the FBI and the federal alphabet soup agencies would have you believe, Facebook images, pipes, a gun and materials for a Molotov cocktail do not make a terrorist. Well, at least they didn’t before, but now they do. 

Following the Boston Bombings, many believe that what this current administration seems to be determined to do is to rewrite  modern language whereby anything is considered ‘terrorism’ and any weapon or potential bomb material can be classed as a WMD. The bottom line here is that it’s a terrorist, or it’s a WMD if the Feds say that it’s so. End of debate.

Authorities swirling around the Rogers bust were quick to all pat themselves on the back, boasting this time that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the Minnesota State Patrol, Bloomington police bomb squad and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources – were all involved in executing the search warrant. Great work, another terrorist safely behind bars. Raise your hand if you are impressed…

Are they attempting to deflect attention away from Boston?

Now why on earth would they want to do that?




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