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FALSE FLAG: Ottawa Shooting Attack Reveals Evidence of ‘October Drill’

21st Century Wire asks…

Was the Ottawa shooting staged?

IMAGE: ‘ When drills go live’ – Police squads gather in front of Centre Block at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada. (Photo o.canada.com)

On Wednesday, October 22nd, we were told that there was a shooting attack on the National War Memorial In Ottawa, resulting in the death of Corporal Nathan Cirillo, followed by multiple shots at Centre Block in the government complex at Parliament Hill – but is that really the entire story?

A number of evidence planks have emerged which we will cover – one of which is that there was, in fact, a security services and law enforcement drill (see ‘When Live Drills Go Dark’, below), taking place around the time of this bizarre shooting event in Canada.

IMAGE: ‘Canada Shooter’ –  Michael Zehaf-Bibeau (Photo link md1.libe.com)

According to news reports, the shooter’s photograph (above) was obtained from an ‘unknown source’ but is considered authentic according to police. Oddly, the photograph appears to have a strange light reflection that looks as though it was taken through glass or perhaps from a screen.

The Artificial Jihad

As pointed out in a recent 21WIRE special report, the suspected Parliament Hill and National War Memorial shooter Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, has the perfect ‘modus operandi’ and résumé to be an informant for either  a law enforcement or intelligence agency. Historically, government operators have often made use of low-life criminals, and mentally disturbed individuals as part of a larger agenda – domestically and abroad:

According to the Globe and Mail, Zehaf-Bibeau was already designated as a “high risk traveller”by the Canadian government’s security services – who had also seized his passport. Could this be the reason why the shooter had snapped? Was he being targeted or being pressured into becoming an informant?”

While much has been made of Zehaf-Bibeau’s “recent conversion to Islam,” especially from the reactionary neoconservative tribe on Fox News, we should make note of the formulaic scripting often involved in these kinds of events:

– Alleged connections to terror or terror networks.
– Suspect has radicalized views on religion used to polarize the public.
– Sensational media projections to bring in additional storylines for dramatic effect.
– An unknown motive for the crime said to be committed – followed quickly by a ‘presumed’ motive without evidence.
– Politicians, law enforcement and media call the incident a ‘terror attack’ before all evidence is reviewed.

Time and time again, we’ve seen this same choreographed narrative pushed by mass media and authorities – only to be exposed at a later date.

The 21WIRE report goes on to outline the ‘informant/patsy game‘ in historical context:

Human Rights Watch explains, “The 214-page report, “Illusion of Justice: Human Rights Abuses in US Terrorism Prosecutions,”examines 27 federal terrorism cases from initiation of the investigations to sentencing and post-conviction conditions of confinement. It documents the significant human cost of certain counter-terrorism practices, such as overly aggressive sting operations and unnecessarily restrictive conditions of confinement.”

The list of terror informants and puppets is as long as it is colorful, starting with the infamous ‘Underwear Bomber’, who was allowed to travel to the US without a passport and was accompanied by an intelligence agent on his flight from Amsterdam to Detroit.

Who can forget the FBI’s ill-fated 1993 World Trade Center bombing attempt, where FBI handlers trained the driver and gave them explosives – and worst of all – stood by and watched as their sting subjects went ahead and detonated their concoction underneath the world’s tallest building in New York City.”

Other recent FBI terror stooge/informant nightmares include:

Tamerlan Tsarnaev (see his informant story here)
Buford Rogers
 (see his informant story here)
Jerad Miller (see his informant story here)
Naji Mansour (see his informant story here)
Quazi Mohammad Nafis (see his informant story here)
Mohamed Osman Mohamud (see his informant story here)
Timothy McVeigh (see his informant story here)

IMAGE: ‘Overacting’ – Ottawa police seen near Parliament Hill after a shooting at the National War Memorial. (Photo: RT)

When Live Drills Go Dark

In an early CNN report following the Ottawa shooting attack, we were also told that police and military were in fact running a multi-agency drill nearby at the same time, as told by freelance journalist Peter Henderson (formerly of Reuters and NPR):

“The soldier appeared to have been shot in the back, said Peter Henderson, a journalist who was at the memorial at the time of the shooting. Other soldiers who were nearby doing drills at the time ran to help, he said.”

What are the chances that a journalist would be at the scene of a crime while a clandestine military drill was taking place nearby?

IMAGE: ‘Strange scene’ Where are the medics for downed soldier Cirillo at the National War Memorial? (Photo: National Post.com)

Here’s a YouTube clip discussing National Security Task Force drills being conducted in the days and weeks leading up to the recent Ottawa attack. Listen to Adrienne Arsenault from CBC describe the scenario…

Here is a section of Arsenault’s interview, as it was partially transcribed by Northern Truth Seeker:

“They [Canadian authorities] may have been surprised by the actual incidents but not by the concepts of them. Within the last month we know that the CSIS, the RCMP and the National Security Task Force … ran a scenario that’s akin to a war games exercise if you will where they actually imagined literally an attack in Quebec, followed by an attack in another city, followed by a tip that that ‘hey some foreign fighters are coming back from Syria.’ So they were imagining a worst case scenario. We’re seeing elements of that happening right now. … [Canadian authorities] may talk today in terms of being surprised but we know that this precise scenario has been keeping them up at night for awhile.”

So there we have it – confirmation of major multi-agency drills being conducted prior to the Ottawa shooting attack.

When searching the history of Ottawa to find any additional info on drills being conducted prior to the Ottawa shooting attack, it was revealed that there had also been an emergency drill slated for Thursday, October 14th, 2010 , as reported by the Ottawa Sun:

“There will be drama at the Experimental Farm Thursday and Friday as Ottawa’s Urban Search and Rescue task force runs a training exercise to simulate a major earthquake.

– About 100 search and rescue workers from across Canada will take part alongside Ottawa’s 65 task force members.
– Residents are asked to stay away from the area during the exercise.
No service or traffic disruptions are expected.

When looking up ‘active shooter’ drills, there was article from Times entitled, “Mock Shooting Drill,” that was time stamped on November 9th, 2010, discussing an October 8th, 2010 drill conducted at an Ottawa elementary school:

Seven “victims” of a mock shooting at Lincoln Elementary School were transported to Ottawa Regional Hospital & Healthcare Center Oct. 8 for treatment during an emergency drill.”

“The Ottawa Elementary Crisis Committee coordinated the drill in an effort to provide training and additional practice for response crews including the police and fire departments, EMTs and hospital personnel. Ottawa Regional employees Jeff Brodbeck, Rosemary McGinnis and Kathy Geiger, along with other committee members, were instrumental in preparations. Teachers also benefited from the drill by learning the proper actions to take in the event of a real-life situation.”

Clearly this area has become a hot-bed for police and military drills in recent years – making it a prime area for questionable activity.

In addition to drills being conducted in the area, it was also revealed that a massive security bill was to be considered around the time of the Ottawa attack, including the apparent hit and run accident committed by Martin Couture-Rouleauthat resulted in the death of one soldier, Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, while injuring another as reported by CBC:

“Couture-Rouleau was one of 90 people being monitored by the RCMP as part of 63 national security investigations, (according) RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson.”

It has been said that the new Canadian security bill, (C-44) “would better safeguard the identities of intelligence informants in Canada and authorize CSIS to eavesdrop in foreign countries,” as reported by The Globe and Mail.

It’s interesting how the bill includes a provision to protect informants, when you consider that in the case of Bibeau and likely in the case of Rouleau, both men displayed all the hallmarks of being involved in intelligence operations.

Ottawa False Flag -21WIRE SLIDER
JOKING FOR JIHAD: Why were so many Canadian police seen laughing during this alleged ‘active shooter’ event?

We know from past experience when looking at this type of story, that many of these so-called drills very often happen during or near a major crime scene. This was confirmed while covering the alleged TSA shooting at LAX airport in Los Angeles in November of 2013.

Here’s a YouTube montage by ‘HookedonYourHoax’ that points to the lack of proper medical care for the fallen soldier at the National War Memorial as well as other evidence of scripting…

Below is CCTV footage of Zehaf-Bibeau making his way into Parliament Hill following a shooting at the National War Memorial. Oddly, there are several men seen running from another area that pause and appear to wait for the shooter as he arrives by vehicle.

Watch the seemingly scripted chase scene here on YouTube…

More signs of a drill: a number of different Canadian police are seen laughing while pointing guns, pretending to be engaging their target. Watch beginning at 1 min 50 sec mark…

[Video Removed]

Keep a watchful eye on this story.

Read more from RT below…

Ottawa gunman ‘privately-educated’ son of Canada immigration chief, acted alone

Russia Today
Following the Canadian shooting attack which threw Ottawa into lockdown, a 32-year-old, Quebec-born male was identified as the sole perpetrator – and his mother was found to work at Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board.

The gunman acted alone, authorities confirmed on Thursday, adding that there is no link to an attack in Quebec earlier in the week.

“We have no information linking [them],” said Bob Paulson, commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), saying that the shooter Michael Zehaf-Bibeau may also have held a Libyan passport.

Checks by the RCMP found no evidence of national security related offenses, although Zehaf-Bibeau had a record of drugs violations and violence related activity, Paulson said. Authorities said the gunman had wanted to go to Syria.

Zehaf-Bibeau had converted to Islam prior to the attacks in Ottawa and had previously had his passport revoked and been arrested several times. He was the privately-educated son of the deputy chairperson of Canada’s immigration division, Susan Bibeau, reported CTV News.

Despite his upbringing, he had been regarded as somewhat disturbed by one of his friends from his youth and in later years had several drug and robbery arrests and one weapons charge – he was also classed as a high-risk traveler.

One friend, Dave Bathurst, told Canada’s Globe and Mail that Zehaf-Bibeau had exhibited some signs of possibly suffering mental illness.

“We were having a conversation in a kitchen, and I don’t know how he worded it: He said the devil is after him,” he said.

His parents had reportedly gone long periods of time without seeing their son.

More from RT here

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