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Left Losing Plot on Immigration: Salon.com calls 21st Century Wire ‘Pro-gun, Anti-immigrant news source’

21st Century Wire says…

Frustration on the liberal left is mounting over the immigration crisis, with radical leftist journalists and bloggers showing signs of madness.

Popular liberal website Salon.com took a cruel swipe at 21WIRE recently. That’s all well and good, if not for the fact we have caught them with their pants down somewhere around their ankles… 

Salon’s “editor at large” (or largess), Joan Walsh, believes that 21st Century Wire is a ‘radical right-wing news organization’. She has crowed about the “Right-wing radicals’ sick victory lap”, but it’s only sour grapes. But that’s not all, we are about to embarrass her and Salon for making up their version of events at Oracle, Arizona…

Salon’s Joan Walsh: not the sharpest tool in the box.

As is the case with liberal discourse on complex matters, facts are always the first casualty in the information war. Instead of reporting the facts, a new version of events is created from bits of the story pulled in from the liberal ether.

Joan Walsh claims in her article that, “Dozens of protesters blocked the local road to the ranch on Tuesday”. Residents at Oracle, Arizona did not block the roads. How do we know this? Unlike Salon,  21WIRE actually had reporters there at the event – an essential part of getting any story right…


HHS bureaucrats were afraid to show up in Oracle on Tuesday (Photo: Patrick Henningsen)

If Washington’s immigrant resettlement buses did not show on Tuesday, it was not because residents were blocking roads, but because HHS bureaucrats were afraid to show up in Oracle. Another fact: early in the morning Pinal County Sheriff’s Deputies were very clear to protesters, stating they would not be allowed to block roads and impede traffic and if they did, then they would be arrested. No cars were allowed to park obstructing the road, and all protesters were camped on the side, off the road. That’s what law enforcement and volunteers from the Arizona State Militia were doing all day – keeping the roads clear for all vehicles. BTW – the event went off without a hitch, which means that Sheriff Paul Babeu and militia volunteers did a great job. 

It gets better. Editor Walsh, who also moonlights on the DC political cabaret circuit as doppelgänger for Nancy Pelosi, continues with her artistic license, trying somehow to insinuate that Oracle residents had stopped school buses carrying YMCA children. She stated, “The anti-immigration forces who mistakenly detained a school bus full of local YMCA kids on Tuesday (…) Their big accomplishment, famously, was mistaking a bus full of local kids from a YMCA for the immigrant caravan, stopping it briefly, and sending it on their way”. Oops…

While the alphabet latte media were ‘looking busy’ and playing with their iPads, we stayed vigilant and kept filming. Here is the video 21WIRE shot of the alleged stopping and ‘frightening those poor children in the school buses’, only those buses were never stopped, or ‘detained’. Sorry Joan, it’s back to school for you…

As we said previously, radical leftist ‘journalists’ and cultural Marxists have a strong aversion towards real facts, and all too often relay back to their congregation their own personal version of reality.

Interestingly, Walsh also called GMN Radio host Pete Santilli an “anti-immigration Disc Jockey”. Disc Jockey? Haven’t heard that term since the days of Laurel Canyon Wolfman Jack.

Losing the Community Organizing Battle

Local residents’ success stories in Murrieta, CA, and in Oracle, AZ, have wounded the confidence of Saul Alinsky’s overgrown students. Despite the hundreds of left-wing protesters who were literally bused-in from Los Angeles to Murrieta, and from Phoenix to Oracle, local residents prevailed and repelled federal human traffickers. The radical left have been blind-sided here by Americans who have been peaceful, law-abiding and patriotic, advocating for pro-legal immigration (that means following laws already on the books). Quite simply, they’ve beaten the Alinskyites at their own game of ‘community organizing’ by stopping DHS immigrant dumping in their local communities. Ouch.

Walsh accuses 21WIRE of being “pro-gun, and anti-immigrant”. The first problem with this statement is 21WIRE has never run a pro-gun advocacy article – ever. We don’t need to because last time we checked, Americans have a Second Amendment right guaranteed in the US Constitution. Secondly, this website has never advocated against ‘immigrants’. We have, however, reported events on the ground and aired the views of Americans in Murrieta and Oracle who are in favor of ‘LEGAL immigration’ (translated for Salon readers, this means enforcing laws and regulations already on the books) and are not ‘anti-children’. Reactionary bloggers (sorry Joan, after that piece you wrote, we cannot rightly call you a journalist) like Walsh routinely overlook this not-so-subtle point. We’ll state it again: residents support ‘LEGAL immigration’. Make a note. 

Walsh, is also the author of “What’s the Matter With White People: Finding Our Way in the Next America”, clearly she’s a loyal follower of the universal campus-cult of Howard Zinn, and another in a long line of cultural Marxists riding happily on the Frankfurt School’s wave of political correctness by trading on college soft spots like the Anglo-Saxon guilt complex in America. 

Radical leftists also enjoy pulling the race card when talking about Washington’s immigration debacle. More than anything, this is a failure of intellect. Enter the star-studded panel of  ‘race experts’, like MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry, and race pimps, like Al Sharpton, who claim that Americans who oppose the free flow of immigrants over the southern border under false pretenses are “racist”. Yes, according to the US government’s own stated laws and policies, these hundreds of thousands of Central Americans are not legitimate asylum cases. In most cases, they’re exploiting a loophole for a free path to US citizenship, and a significant number of other minors are also being trafficked by Central American criminal gangs for profit, including child abuse rings in the US. Let’s not kid ourselves – these are not ‘war refugees’ either. Syrian refugees are only crossing the border into Lebanon, Jordan, waiting to return to Syria. If Guatemalans were bona fide war refugees, then they would be in neighboring Mexico, waiting to return home – and not being shipped en mass, further up the US southern border with instructions in hand of how to exploit the asylum loophole. The left prefer to oversimplify a complex issue, and it’s also how they justify bypassing observance of the law, by launching emotive talking points centered around “the children” and “white racists”, and claiming “xenophobia” – all designed to shut down any rational debate on the issue. 

On the subject of racism, it’s worth pointing out how this week that Obama’s security detail were acquitted this week after firing upon and killing an unarmed 34-year-old black female dental hygienist named Miriam Carey in front of the White House back in October. We were told this week that, “Prosecutors said they found insufficient evidence that the two officers who shot Carey used excessive force“. Really? That’s interesting, given that she was brutally gunned down by trigger-happy Secret Service who pumped 17 shots into her black Infiniti sedan with a one-year-old baby in the child seat. We understand the Left’s silence on this murder – to even comment on it would bring a rather embarrassing spotlight on the political cult of President Barack Obama. But the silence surrounding this slaughter is shameful. Again, nothing on this one from the race experts and cultural Marxists because there is no politically correct capital to leverage from it. But let’s not digress…

What Murrieta and Oracle have demonstrated to Americans is that when it comes to Washington’s immigration meltdown, Saul Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals, can only get the left so far on this issue. They can agitate and spin lies to obfuscate the fundamental issues, but in the end they will always come up short. Local residents are using a much more advanced playbook, one which always wins in the end, which is based on Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, which states, “Invincibility lies in the defence”. This is why Bundy Ranch was successful, and also why Murrieta and Oracle were successful, and it’s also why Alinsky agitators, no matter how far ahead they think they are leading on any issue, can never win. The real danger, however, is that the contrived radical left-wing mobs will eventually resort to more violent street tactics as a last straw to make their ideological Marxist point. 

DHS: An Utter Failure

Liberal commentators and White House mediabots like Joan Walsh are actually condoning the following: open borders, not following existing laws and regulations regarding political asylum applications, and of course the party wouldn’t be complete without the all important call for… more spending – $4 billion more in this case.

Some food for thought from the intellectually challenged editors of Salon: if more Federal spending is the answer to all of our ills, as Democrats always insist it is, then explain how the Department of Homeland Security, founded in 2002 in reaction to the events of September 11th, has managed to grow into the largest and most expensive federal department costing approximately $3 trillion in taxpayer money and Federal Reserve debt since its inception – and has utterly failed to secure the borders of the über Inland, aka the Vaterland, or “Homeland” (yes, herrs Cheney and Bush borrowed the name from old Adolph, but that went over most liberals’ heads), allowing a constant flow of illegal narcotic and human trafficking over the US southern border since 2002?

No, that isn’t a trick question. Answer that one please, we implore you. 

21WIRE is not right-wing, or left-wing, we are X-wing. It only stands to reason that because we ask these more incisive and intelligent questions here at 21WIRE, our readers are probably more intelligent than those at Salon.com who catering to masses, or the lowest common denominator – and their editorial team certainly knows that. They lashed out at us because they are frustrated, and of course, we forgive them.

So, in case you missed it, here is Joan Walsh’s long-winded tweet, filed yesterday with Salon.com… 

Right-wing radicals’ sick victory lap: What’s really  happening to kids in Oracle?

Joan Walsh

The anti-immigration forces who mistakenly detained a school bus full of local YMCA kids on Tuesday have declared victory in Oracle, Ariz., insisting their militia-backed protest against plans to house immigrant children at a juvenile detention center worked, and the Central Americans won’t be placed there.

Thursday morning, anti-immigrant stunt man/disk jockey Pete Santilli Tweeted this:

Santilli linked to a story on the pro-gun, anti-immigrant 21st Century Wire, which is widely being sourced for the news. “Spread the word American defenders have won again in Oracle,” crows the Web site of ALI-Pac, which opposes immigration reform.

That comes on the heels of successful intimidation in Murrieta, Calif. two weeks ago, and reports that other shelter plans have been reversed, from Maryland to Massachusetts.

So what really happened in Oracle? All that’s known for sure is that no young people have arrived yet. A Department of Homeland Security source told NBC News late Tuesday that “there were never any plans for unaccompanied children to travel to Oracle today.” Local congressman Raul Grijalva also told reporters that his office had been notified no buses would arrive that same day.

But some news reports translated to Grijalva saying the buses weren’t coming “as previously scheduled Tuesday,” which seems to be what led right-wing protesters to declare victory. In fact, the congressman said nothing about whether the buses had been “scheduled” to arrive, or whether they would arrive another day.

“The only part our office knew for sure is that kids would not be coming on Tuesday … whether or not they come in the future has not been relayed to us,” Grijalva press aide Dan Lindner told me.

On Thursday morning the local fire chief told reporters for Tucson News Now that he was asked to do a safety inspection of Sycamore Canyon Ranch, where the young men are supposed to be placed. The request to inspect the ranch came with a sense of “urgency,” says Fire Chief Larry Southard. “It passed.” He believes the ranch will house about 50 boys “14 to 17 years old.” Management at Sycamore Canyon Ranch, run by the Nevada non-profit Rite of Passage, has also told reporters it was asked to house the young men.

The plan was leaked to anti-immigrant activists by right-wing Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, who shared it at an NRA women’s luncheon. “I choked,” 85-year-old Air Force veteran Robert Skiba told Breitbart News.  He assured Babeu: “We will take care of this.”

So dozens of protesters blocked the local road to the ranch on Tuesday, some waving American flags, others the Tea Party’s favorite Gadsden flags. They were joined by the wingnut-backed Arizona State Militia. Their big accomplishment, famously, was mistaking a bus full of local kids from a YMCA for the immigrant caravan, stopping it briefly, and sending it on their way.

That’s how Tea Party congressional candidate Adam Kwasman, a GOP state legislator, got in trouble for claiming he’d witnessed his comrades stop a busload of immigrant kids, when in fact he was talking about the YMCA bus.

“I was able to actually see some of the children on the buses, and the fear on their faces. This is not compassion,” Kwasman told reporters…

Read more of Joan Walsh’s theories here

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