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Nuland’s Army: Government Tanks Driving Drunk Through Eastern Ukraine

21st Century Wire says…

On the orders of Washington DC and Victoria Nuland’s Ukrainian Army were deployed into Eastern Ukraine to put done the Russian-speaking government opposition there, as the CIA-run junta in Kiev uses its military against its own people.

ARMS LENGTH WAR: If only the neocon Nuland could be on the front line and see the damage she has done (satire photo illustration).

In the video below, watch just how reckless the Ukrainian tank drivers are barreling through unarmed civilian protests in Eastern Ukraine, clearly scared and not at all keen on being deployed by Washington against Ukrainian citizens.

If that’s not bad enough, it appears that the US have also sent Blackwater thugs (video below) into the country to stir up more violence.

‘Don’t Drink And Drive Tanks’

Zero Hedge

For the longest time we thought it was impossible to flip a tank simply by driving it. Then this Ukrainian tank operator nearly proved us wrong…

In addition, Washington’s ‘deniable’ US Blackwater/Academi mercenaries were on the ground this week in the city of Donetsk, being chased by angry residents shouting, “Blackwater, Blackwater”.

A Russian diplomat in Kiev confirmed that 300 employees from private security companies had arrived on Wednesday, explaining that, “These are soldiers of fortune proficient in combat operations. Most of them had operated under private contracts in Iraq, Afghanistan and other states,’ the source said. Interfax reported that the diplomat did not disclose the nationalities of the mercenaries but said, ‘Most of them come from the United States”. Watch…

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue