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‘Al Shawarma’: Muslim Brotherhood offices relocate above kebab shop in London

21st Century Wire says…

After being forced out of power in Egypt, Mohammed Morsi’s radical Islamic Muslim Brotherhood organisation has scattered to the four winds, with its Mothership landing in the most unlikely of places.

Their new headquarters: a small flat above a disused kebab shop in North London.

IMAGE: London, Google Earth.

Despite initial denials that they had relocated to the run-down property, today’s Daily Mail confirmed the existence of the group’s new command centre:

“Mohamed Ghanem, 68, the expatriate Egyptian who has run the non-profit World Media Services for more than 20 years, confirmed: ‘This is an Islamic charity and we have same values of the Muslim Brotherhood. So when their members had to leave Egypt, we helped them.’

Regulars at an Algerian cafe across the road are in no doubt that the flat is the organisation’s command centre. One said: ‘The Muslim Brotherhood have been there for just under a year.”

Even though the organisation has been openly linked to terrorist factions in Libya, Syria and East Africa, it still receives political backing and cover from governments in both Great Britain and Washington DC. Former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi (photo, left) if currently awaiting trial, languishing in a jail cell in Alexandria, Egypt for variuos crimes against the state and affiliations to terrorist groups.

This latest move will not do any favours to London’s already seedy reputation as a haven for shady Islamic radicals and terrorists, dubbed ‘Londanistan’ by French Intelligence and others. Radical dens of choice include Finsbury Park Mosque, formerly run by the terrorist recruiter Abu Hamza and his trusty sidekick, Haroun Rasheed Aswat – two men alleged to have been allowed to operate freely for years as informants for MI5 and MI6.

North London reputation as a jihadist playground is well earned, and Aswat is one its most infamous former residents. During a July 2005 interview with Fox News, former US prosecutor and ranking intelligence agent, John Loftus, stated that Aswat was a ‘double agent’ (also meaning paid informant), backed by Britain’s MI6. Loftus stated that British Intelligence did in fact intervened to protect Aswat while he was trying to evade capture following 7/7.

Since its founding in 1928, the Muslim Brotherhood has been linked historically to British Intelligence. The group advocates Sharia Law, has visions of an Islamic Caliphate and rejects Western values.

1-angry-john-mccainFollowing Morsi’s ouster in August 2013, on the orders of President Barack Obama, US Senator John McCain (photo, left) and Lindsey Graham, both members of the Senate Armed Services Committee, traveled to Egypt to visit the deposed Muslim Brotherhood leadership in their prison cells, hoping to negotiate a future release, but the Egyptian authorities were not having any of it.

Remnants of the group are now scattered throughout Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and are no doubt regrouping with Western intelligence operatives to redesign their next political push in the region.

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