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Kenyan mall attack deception continues as new terror suspect is revealed

Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire

Trompe l’oeil, the art of deceiving one’s eye…

After the initial wave to cover-up the suspicious activities surrounding the Kenyan mall siege last month , CNN in all its light shedding news, continues the fear campaign with new CCTV footage allegedly depicting  Al-Shabab militiamen on a violent rampage throughout the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya… but what do you really see in the CNN London report on below?

We are told from the heavily edited, editorialized CNN report above “that the only way to understand what happened was from the stories of survivors“, so with a quick subliminal implant – viewers are subjected to CNN’s own dramatization – a stylized psyop used to disguise the real perpetrators behind the Westgate mall attack.

The report continues as Zain Verjee states: “CNN has got access to surveillance camera footage from the mall.” In what appears to be an effort to shutdown independent critical thought, Zain Verjee declared: “we’re reporting on the videos because there are few opportunities for the public to fully understand what happened.”

Understand it, the way CNN wants us to understand it.

According to the CNN report, the network was also granted ‘special access’ to hours of footage from the four-day siege that apparently left more than 200 people injured and some 67  found to be dead. With so many hours of footage why wouldn’t they present more evidence of an attack?

There are still many unanswered questions surrounding the mall attack and many efforts made by mainstream outlets to delude the public.

Here is another media release, a photo (below) appearing in a Daily Mail article just following the attack, which was apparently a photo from a bank robbery from three years ago, according to the FBI’s own website.

Pay close attention to how the puzzle is assembled…

IMAGE: The FBI released this photograph from a bank robbery that took place from 2010 in Florida. (as covered by aangirfan)

Other stark reminders of carefully crafted media coverage include the ‘Twin Terror’ of 2002, the attack at the Paradise Hotel near Mombasa, (similar to the Westgate Mall) another Israeli owned venture, which was followed by the alleged double missile attack that narrowly missed the Israeli owned Arkia Airlines at the same time the hotel was attacked.

It’s important to note that the pilots themselves never issued a distress call on the November 28th 2002 charter headed to Israel.

The mainstream media has rebooted the 7/7 widow, Samantha Lewthwaite, and the apparent al-Qaeda leader Nazih Abdul-Hamed al-Ruqai, who has also ‘been linked’ to the 1998 US Embassy ‘Twin’ bombings seemingly to serve as cover for other less convenient narratives surrounding Kenya, specifically the Westgate attack.

We recently learned that British citizen, Sharif Ahmed Abdirizak was arrested shortly after the mall siege and then promptly released by Kenyan authorities in the days following the attack.

Abdirizak claimed to be visiting his dying mother in a hospital in Nairobi but had detailed maps of the Westgate mall on his laptop.

In an article originally reported by the Daily Mail it was revealed that: “no one of his mother’s name had ever been admitted,” to the hospital.

The Daily Mail article from September 28th, 2013, also strangely included this in their report:

Abdirizak is not mentioned in any of the reports and police sources concede there may yet be an innocent explanation for the maps.”

An “innocent explanation” for the Westgate mall maps, following an apparent terror attack… suspicious indeed.

Additionally, Abdirizak’s computer password was said to be ‘colaad’, a Somali word for ‘enemy’.

If Abdirizak was never formally treated as a suspect by police, why was he apprehended to begin with?

Also, you have to wonder what other connections Abdirizak may have?

The Daily Mail has since taken down the original article that detailed the suspicious activity surrounding Abdirizak, those of us at 21WIRE, wonder why…

Is this just more media back-tracking, and story shifting for a deeper cover-up?

In an article by The Blaze, CNN stopped short of retracting their original report about the two or three Americans involved in the Kenyan mall attack.

CNN spokesman Matt Dornic explained:

Due to varied accounts from our sources in that region, the company feels additional reporting is needed to verify all claims.

Below is a YouTube video featuring CNN clips from the initial report that implicated Americans being involved in the attack.

IMAGE: (CNN’s surveillance image acquired from the Westgate mall)

The Daily Mail reports: According to one of his relatives who watched CCTV footage of shooting he may “have been brainwashed.”

Bizarrely, an MK Ultra -style narrative seems to have been injected into the Westgate mall attack. We heard this before in the aftermath of the Boston Bombing, as the Tsarnaev’s uncle, CIA-front linked Ruslan Tsarni, suggested his nephews “were brainwashed,” prior to the marathon attack.

So what are the public to make of the Norwegian-Somali connection involving Al-Shabab?

IMAGE: ‘New Suspect?’ – Norwegian-Somali Hassan Abdi Dhuhulow. 

In an article from Setember 6th, 2013 from UPI energy business news we are warned of the coming violence as new oil deals have been negotiated:

Somalia’s war-scarred capital, took place as the country appears headed for a new round of violence, as the Islamist al-Shabaab organization, with links with al-Qaida, was showing signs of reviving a long-running insurgency after a series of military setbacks in 2011-2012.”

Later in the article the UN infers that the region is not ready for an “oil race” as the UN issued a warning back in July stating:

Oil companies should cease and desist negotiations with Somali authorities.”

Continuing: “Soma Oil and Gas Exploration, headed by Lord Michael Howard, a former leader of Britain’s ruling Conservative Party, signed Somalia’s first deal with an international oil company, albeit an untested one, Aug. 6.

This was in direct conflict with Western interests as well as the UN:

London has succeeded in edging out key competitors like Norway, while prospects in Somalia grew as major strikes have been made further south in the past few years — mostly offshore, mainly off Mozambique and Tanzania — in geological strata that appear to extend along the whole Indian Ocean coastline.”

Have US and British intelligence agencies been shoring up their black blood in Somalia, thus using CIA-NATO Operation GLADIO techniques, by employing the international Al- Shabab brand pressurizing Norway?

Anglo-Dutch Shell and France’s Total had oil deals put on ice in the 80’s, until now. We’re told that Norway’s oil company DNO could generate new conflict between Somaliland and Puntland.

Is the picture getting clearer?

Have western influences created a new Kenyan Mall suspect to divert, and cover-up their involvement in an oil proxy war with other nations, at the same time putting terror pressure on other nations seeking oil or rare earth minerals (like China)?




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