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Black Ops: Kenyan siege a ‘dirty cover up’ involving agents & kingpins

SEE ASLO: False Flag: Was the Kenyan Terror Siege an “Inside Job’?

“Seeing alters the thing that is seen and transforms the seer”
– James Elkins (The Object Stares back)

Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire

When we last left off discussing the apparent carnage in Kenya, we slowly started to peel away at the ‘dirty layers’ of a cover-up -involving many things including black ops and an Israeli magnate, one Frank Lowy of  the Westfield Group

IMAGE: Frank Lowy – owner of the Westfield Group (WTC payout kingpin)

Frank Lowy has had a sordid history surrounding terror related activity, from his subsequent insurance payout-partnership with “lucky” Larry Silverstein in the aftermath of 9/11, to the Marriott Hotel bombings in Islamabad and Jakarta, both of which he owned.

There has also been an unprecedented number of bomb threats made against “unlucky” Lowy’s properties, as covered by Press TV:

21 September 2005: Westfield Mall in Perth, Australia, bomb threat. 

17 May 2006: Westfield in Woden, Australia, bomb threat. 

21 July 2007: Court house adjacent Westfield Centre Derby, England, bomb threat, which caused evacuation of Westfield premises. 

01 March 2008: Westfield Old Orchard Mall, Skokie, Illinois, bomb threat. 

20 April 2009: Westfield Hotel Annapolis, bomb threat. 

Additionally, Press TV disclosed another one of Lowy’s properties located at London Olympic Park:

“In September 2011, Frank Lowy opened Westfield Stratford City Mall, which is situated near the Olympic Park. With regard to Lowy’s talent for investment in places that are victims of terrorist attacks, the question raises that whether the Olympic Park would be a possible target for terrorist attacks. The insurance companies have been committed to compensate about $7 billion for lost profits, if terrorist attacks happen. Apparently, some people and companies would earn huge profits from tragedies and sufferings of the masses.”

Frank Lowy is just one ‘kingpin’ in the Kenyan siege to watch…

In the infamous “Raid on Entebbe” in Uganda in 1976, the public was led to believe that an Air France jetliner had been hijacked by Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Tel Aviv and was diverted to Uganda. After several days the IDF moved in for a ‘Hollywood’ rescue.

There is was only one problem, it didn’t happen this way, according to BBC documents obtained in 2007.

In a UK file released from the National Archives contained a claim that Israel itself was behind the hijacking in 1976. Israeli Secret Service, the Shin Bet, and agents within the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine colluded with the former Ugandan President Idi Amin. The staged event was deliberately created to cast Palestine in an unfavorable light, as international relations had been growing closer with America. 

Flash forward to Kenya’s mall siege…

It has come to light that the National Intelligence Service in Kenya had warned certain people of an impending attack at the Westgate Mall, in addition to that, Israeli agents were reported on the scene, supposedly to help the Kenyan authorities.

IMAGE: John Harun Mwau – Kenyan politician and investor

One of the main shareholders of the Westgate Mall, along with Frank Lowy, is none other than John Harun Mwau, a Kenyan investor, politician and allegedly “Narcotics Kingpin.” He recently stated that the US government was trying to take over his business operations in Kenya and have defamed him by claiming he is a drug kingpin:

The US government knows that I have interests in a chain of businesses, especially in supermarkets. They know that we have been expanding and growing. They want to stop this and have their own people take them over.

Continuing he added that he wanted protection from the Kenyan government, stating that he wanted to avoid being:

captured, shot and buried in the deep sea by U.S. snipers.

Was Mwau a part of the setup, or has he also been subjected to a neo-strategy of tension?

On the same day that the Westgate Mall partially collapsed (no doubt for insurance purposes) an arrest warrant was issued for 7/7 “White Widow” Samantha Lewthwaite, who is believed by some to have ties to the MI5, and MI6.

Are intelligence agencies in the US, Britain and Israeli about to charge the White Widow for the Kenyan mall siege, in order to cover-up for a deeper intelligence operation?

IMAGE:  Michael AdebolajoWoolwich MI5 slasher (ready for his psyop closeup)

Also, remember the staged terror in Woolwich this past May, where it turned out that at least one of the alleged attackers Michael Adebolajo, was connected, and indeed recruited by MI5, and was supposedly being recruited for a terror organization in Kenya.

British High Commissioner to Kenya, Dr Christian Philip Hollier Turner, has close ties to Israeli intelligence and was the UK’s Director for the Middle East and North Africa prior to being stationed in Kenya just before the Westgate terror siege.

Additionally, the US government is also said to have worked with Al-Shabab, the terror group linked to Al-Qaeda….

IMAGE: former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 

In 2011, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was apparently working with NGO’s to provide aid in Somalia but they had to work out a deal with the militant Al-Shabab because of the terror networks control over the region, so we’re told.

As you may know, it is an international criminal offense to directly deal with terror organizations, which prompted the US to expand its licence issued by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), protecting NGO’s from anti-terror laws.

This begs the question, was Clinton using the NGO’s as a proxy to make an illegal weapons exchange with Al-Shabab for food transport to poverty-stricken areas in Somalia, or was the whole operation about weapons exchange with a food aid narrative as a disguise?

Black operations indeed…

The pieces of the puzzle are coming together in the form of a dark pyramid involving US, British and Tel Aviv agencies who have been working with various business kingpins to create a manufactured nightmare…




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