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Obama, McCain and Graham are empowering the church-burning fanatics in Egypt

21st Century Wire says…

Muslim Brotherhood mobs in Egypt have been busy this week – torching Christian churches, and killing at least 12 in the process.

So why are these two US Senators such staunch supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood?

This is the Egypt that President Obama, and Senators McCain and Graham want to see – rife with religious sectarianism, Islamist mobs – and not nationalists, running an animal farm-style street theocracy, routing out the secularists and the Christian populations – all the while inching the country towards a civil war.

FACT: Obama, McCain and Graham are demanding that the deposed Muslim Brotherhood government be restored in Egypt.

What is their real agenda? Why is Washington DC’s political elite so adamant about backing a theocratic minority government, and empowering the murderers leading their extremist street mobs?

The West would like to see a full-blown civil war in Egypt. It’s the only guaranteed way for the IMF and other banks to lock down Egypt with reconstruction debt for the next 30 years.

If there is a civil war in Egypt, then it’s guaranteed that Washington DC and its recruiter of local talent, the CIA, will be backing the Islamic opposition. Arms will flow in from neighboring Libya, and jihadists from Saudi Arabia, Sudan and even further afield. After they ruin the country, then the corporate, land and energy spoils will be divided up by the US, UK, Israel, and the remaining scraps to who ever else.

Are US, UK or Israel intelligence agents involved in anyway with the present street violence in Egypt? That would certainly be nice to know.

More on burning churches…

Salon reports:

“Muslim mobs set two churches on fire overnight in Cairo during sectarian clashes that left 12 dead and more than 200 injured. The deepening religious violence in military-ruled Egypt added news tensions to an already chaotic and lawless transition to democracy.

Military authorities arrested 190 people, immediately sending them to military prosecutions and threatening the maximum penalty against anyone attacking houses of worship. It was the military’s toughest response yet to a series of violent clashes between the two religious groups and signifies swift justice.

Mobs of ultraconservative Muslims attacked the St. Menas church in the Cairo slum of Imbaba late Saturday following rumors that a Christian woman married to a Muslim man had been abducted. Local residents said a separate mob of youths armed with knives and machetes attacked the Virgin Mary church several blocks away with firebombs.

“People were scared to come near them,” said local resident Adel Mohammed, 29, who lives near the Virgin Mary Church. “They looked scary. They threw their firebombs at the church and set parts of it ablaze.”

Egypt refers 84 to military prosecutors on charges of murder, burning churches

The Daily Star

CAIRO: Egyptian authorities referred 84 people from the city of Suez, including Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters, to military prosecutors on Thursday on charges of murder and burning churches, the state news agency reported.

The move came a day after the state imposed emergency laws and an evening curfew following nationwide violence between security forces and members and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, in which more than 460 people were killed.

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