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Snowden Asylum Could Trigger US Sanctions Against Russia

21st Century Wire says…

Few can rightly argue that both the American people as well as the international community in its totality, are overwhelmingly against the US government and the NSA’s policy and practice of data theft and archiving, and also the mass profiling which has been made public through whistleblower Ed Snowden’s leaks this summer.

Still, some of the more backward members of the political establishment appear to be completely out of touch with public opinion on this issue, so much so that they believe that it’s now time to declare war on any country which seeks to give refuge to the fugitive leaker Snowden.

Declaring sanctions against any nation is a form of warfare, and history has shown time and time again that sanctions are often the first steps towards an eventual military conflict.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R) is normally way off of the public pulse when it comes to major international issues. Take Syria for example. Despite having no support from the American people, Graham is pushing hard for arming the al Qaeda rebels and other terrorist militants in Syria in order to achieve the globalist objective of regime change and privatisation of state assets in that country. Now he want to start a war with Russia, or any other country who might want to give Snowden

Read more below about this latest regressive Senate Bill below…

Senate bill authorizes sanctions on Russia or any other country offering Snowden asylum
AP/Washington Post

WASHINGTON — U.S. sanctions against any country offering asylum to Edward Snowden advanced in Congress Thursday as the 30-year-old National Security Agency leaker remained in a Moscow airport while Russia weighed a request for him to stay permanently.

The measure introduced by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., demands the State Department coordinate with lawmakers on setting penalties against nations that seek to help Snowden avoid extradition to the United States, where authorities want him prosecuted for revealing details of the government’s massive surveillance system. The Senate Appropriations Committee approved the proposal unanimously by voice vote as an amendment to next year’s $50.6 billion diplomacy and international aid bill.

“I don’t know if he’s getting a change of clothes. I don’t know if he’s going to stay in Russia forever. I don’t know where he’s going to go,” Graham said. “But I know this: That the right thing to do is to send him back home so he can face charges for the crimes he’s allegedly committed.”

Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua have offered Snowden asylum since his arrival at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport a month ago, shortly after identifying himself as the source of a series of news reports outlining the NSA’s program to monitor Internet and telephone communications. It was believed he would then fly to Cuba. The U.S. then canceled his passport, stranding him, with Russia yet to authorize his request for temporary asylum or allow him to fly on to another destination.

Snowden wants permission to stay in Russia, his lawyer said Wednesday after delivering fresh clothes to his client. It’s unclear how long the Kremlin will take to decide on the asylum request.

Graham said Snowden’s revelations have had “incredibly disturbing” implications for national security.

The Obama administration says the surveillance has foiled a number of terrorist plots against the United States. It says the public outing of its programs are helping terrorist groups change their tactics…

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