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New and Horrific Trend of CIA Bombing Suspects ‘Just in Case’ They are Guilty

JLJason Liosatos
21st Century Wire

There is a new trend in the ‘war on terror’ by the real world terror of the US, Israeli and Western governments, and it is called ‘bomb them just in case’.

With the looming threat of an attack on ‘innocent’ Iran, it is the same premise of ‘bomb them just in case’. This tactic is no different than shooting someone ‘just in case’ they get a gun and kill you, even though they have never exhibited any aggression or threat of aggression towards you, or indeed never possessed a gun in the past.

A similar analogy is that of a bully in a school yard, terrorizing and beating up the younger kids ‘just in case’ they grow bigger and tougher and ‘just might’ become a threat to you later on, so get them anyway ‘just in case’. It is the same as the horrific, unprovoked murders taking place in Pakistan by the Drone strikes, which is murder without a trial for the victims or the perpetrators. Again we see the same pattern of ‘kill them just in case’ they might be guilty, with no evidence, no proof, and no trial. Simply suspects, possible criminals, like dogs being punished ‘just in case’ they might bite someone, or hitting a child ‘just in case’ they are naughty.

The Drone operators murder the suspects via a screen in a live reality video show from thousands of miles away, and are now suffering terrible traumatic stress, as the Drone operators often watch a house and its family and children coming and going for sometimes weeks before the order is given to blow the house up, with all its inhabitants and suspects at home, children and all. This has proved to be more traumatizing to the Drone operators than it would be for a fighter jet pilot who does the same, though from a cowardly 2,000 feet and who cannot see the beautiful little children who live inside the property he bombs.

Iran is the latest example of this on a bigger scale, and it is the same old thing, ‘bomb them just in case’ they get a bomb one day, which is the same as the example I gave of shooting someone ‘just in case’ they get a gun someday and ‘just might’ for some reason shoot you. It is becoming more and more obvious that the real terrorists are the paranoids running the US, Israeli and Western governments, hell bent on attacking, bullying, bombing or strangling anyone with the noose of sanctions that ‘just might be’ a future threat, so get them ‘just in case’. We as the population must be very careful not to become accustomed to the slow creep towards further ethical compromises being committed by government.

There is no doubt that we are in the bloodiest, most brutal century in our human history, spearheaded by world leaders whose vision and wisdom has been not only compromised but dehumanized and anesthetized by their insatiable lust for power and greed at any cost to humanity and the planet. It is an absolute emergency that these ongoing crimes against humanity be quelled, and that quelling will come about by the people of the world refusing to tolerate such imbalanced, and insane behavior from the very people they vote for. Ultimately the military must refuse to carry out such orders to murder their fellow human beings with no trial or proof of them being guilty, and there is growing evidence that the military are beginning to hear their inbuilt, ethical alarm bell, which nature gave them to know what is right and wrong.

Of course there are high profile hits on Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden, Gaddafi – all killed without a trial, but countless other suspects are killed daily, none of whom we ever hear about, along with women and children, all innocent until proven guilty. But there is hope because although things are getting worse,  the people are getting better, and rapidly awakening to the terrible crimes against humanity being committed by their own terrorizing US, Israeli and Western governments, the very governments they clap and cheer for at elections, and vehemently defend as their chosen ones, their leaders, their saviors, but at last people are realizing this is not so.

The conditioning and chloroform is at last wearing off, and there is a mass awakening taking place worldwide, with people everywhere realizing that something must be done to stop the wanton destruction of happiness, peace and freedom. We have definitely reached a critical fork in the road, a turning point in our human history. We can no longer rely on any world government to change things, their obsession with money and power has consumed them and us. The transformation so urgently needed will come from each persons individual transformation and awakening which will change everything, and which is the key to the solution of the worlds problems. 

Author Jason Liosatos is a artist, writer and peace advocate based in the UK, and host of Global Peace Radio Show.



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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue