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Prime Minister’s Special Command Officer Found Shot Dead in London Home

21st Century Wire says…

You’d think this would be big news, and that BBC and others would at least be CURIOUS.

Instead all we have so far is, “Move along, nothing to see here, carry on…”

Our first question is: What did he know that got him executed?

Why do authorities say that his death is not being treated as suspicious?

Who is asking these questions now?

  • The 43-year-old was found dead at Camden address 
  • He worked for Specialist Protection Command
  • Death is not being treated as suspicious
  • Met Police would not confirm or deny if officer had access to police weapon

Mail Online

A police special protection officer has been found shot dead at a house in London.

The 43 year old PC, from the Specialist Protection Command, was found at the address in Camden yesterday afternoon.

The unit covers protection duties for VIPs including the Prime Minister.

The Metropolitan Police said that the death is not being treated as suspicious. An investigation is now underway which will look at whether a police firearm was involved.

The Met Police would not confirm or deny this evening if the officer would have had access to a police weapon.

The officer, who has not been named, is thought to have moved with his girlfriend to the cobbled mews tucked away in Camden less than two years ago.

Neighbours said they arrived home from work to see the front door of the converted mews house smashed in and murder detectives stationed outside…

(…) The man was not under investigation as part of either the ‘plebgate’ probe or the inquiries into alleged phone hacking and corrupt payments to public officials.

Specialist Operations is divided into three sections which are known as commands. Within the three commands are several units which are used for protection…

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