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The Pope Leaves as Epoch of Worshipping Leaders is Ending

By Jason Liosatos

It seems like the Pope can see that the veil is lifting on all the scandal of the church over the years and has decided to jump ship before it sinks with him on it as captain.

If the Pope could do a few miracles it would be more impressive (or even do some good somewhere, and use the massive monetary coffers of the church to feed some starving black kids), rather than parade through the streets on a golden throne, with people desperate to catch a glimpse of him.

Obviously the young people have woken up from the chloroform and anesthetizing effects of politics, leaders, kings, popes and religions with all of the above based on fear.  No wonder there are pubs and blocks of flats being built where there were once churches.

The Pope is/was hardly an uplifting inspiration to young people, and why is he so better than everyone else, holier than thou, on his throne, with his worshipers. The days of revering religious figures and presidents is indeed over, and people worldwide are sick of being told what to do, and doing what they are told.

There is much wisdom and deep meaning in some of the religious texts and writings, but the theology is just words which is the intellectual overlay of a religion that people can barely understand, or have the time or the patience to read any more, and real religion is experiential, not words. Religious texts can be good road maps to point us back towards ethics and morals, and some wonderful spiritual experiences if we develop and practice enough, but we are not to get stuck in the map of any of the religions. Look at them, learn them, even practice them, but move through them and keep progressing, or the theology becomes a revolving door we get stuck in,  then our religion is the right one and fanaticism and xenophobia and down right insanity become the norm.

This disastrous, enslaving and dangerous epoch of worship is over, whether it is of political or religious figures, or any one else that wants to lead, because when we give our power away we end up powerless, as is evident in Greece. An exciting self empowerment has begun as is evident worldwide, with people realizing we have worshiped leaders far too long, and it is now time to relinquish our labels of race and religion and be free of those constraints that are played on by our ‘leaders’ with impunity. It is long overdue that people keep their power and not hand it over to anyone promising to spoon feed them. That self power can then be used by individuals and societies for the betterment of the self, the society and the planet, not by the self appointed chosen few who feed off the power of the clapping, cheering people.

Jason Liosatos is an artist, author and advocate for personal and global peace, as well as host of Global Peace Radio.



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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue