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Naval SEAL Author Chris Kyle ‘Lies Then Dies’: What Next For Jesse Ventura?

21st Century Wire says…

This latest development is almost as strange as the original libel story of Jesse Ventura vs ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle – with its classic ‘his word against mine’ and the old 50/50 chance each could be telling an outright lie.

Ventura vehemently denying the incident in question ever took place. The question now is: will Ventura continue with the libel suit that is due up in court later this year? In America, it is possible to sue a dead man, or his estate/trust anyway, as well as his publisher. All eyes on Jesse now, and it will be interesting to see what happens next…

Greg Fernandez Jr

Jesse Ventura has a libel suit that is set to go to court sometime around June 2013, according to what Ventura told radio talk show host Alex Jones of Infowars.com in late 2012.

In all the media reports I have read about Chris Kyle, not one has mentioned that retired Navy Seal Chris Kyle alleges he sucker-punched Jesse Ventura at a bar owned by a former Navy-Seal.

January 7, 2012 Infowars.com article by Paul Joseph Watson points out that “Kyle claims that he met Ventura in a bar in Coronado in 2006 while Ventura was in town to speak to a new class of SEAL graduates at nearby Naval Amphibious Base Coronado. Also present were family members holding a wake for Michael Mansoor, one of the first SEALs killed in Iraq. Kyle claims Ventura began loudly objecting to the war in Iraq before calling the troops “murderers” and saying “we deserved to lose a few guys”. Kyle then claims he punched Ventura, knocked him to the floor, and quickly ran away.”

The article also includes Jesse Ventura’s response to the alleged incident on his Facebook page (because “The Body don’t tweet”):

“The event this man spoke of never happened. I have been to Mc P’s many times since leaving the Navy. I was never there alone. I was always accompanied by other people. If this happened 6 years ago, someone would have known of it before now. Certainly in the UDT/SEAL community it would have been known. This has to be news to all of us. I have always opposed the war in Iraq but I have never spoken or wished any ill will towards the soldiers. My heart aches that soldiers have died or been wounded because this war should never have taken place. I am perplexed over the agenda this man has and why a fellow Navy Seal would tell a lie about an event that never happened. Clearly between this story and the previous week’s story about supposedly getting pulled over for tailgating in CA that was also a lie, someone is out to destroy my credibility.

I find it very interesting that both these stories are being spread by Fox News and it’s affiliates. As a Navy veteran you realize you can’t believe every sea story you hear. Let me finish by stating both of the recent two national stories about me are completely untrue lies, neither event ever happened.”

So now what happens to the lawsuit filed by Ventura?

Jesse even offered to settle out of court if Kyle agreed to admit he lied about the incident and pay for Ventura’s lawyer bills. Kyle refused. It’s very clear that Kyle was going to be embarrassed by the lies he put in his 2012 book, American Sniper. Some believe Kyle was persuaded to tell lies about Ventura. Kyle claimed to have eyewitnesses who would verify his allegation of punching Jesse Ventura for badmouthing United States soldiers.

Jesse Ventura made it clear he has multiple witnesses who know the incident never occurred. Among the witnesses is the owner of the bar involved with Kyle’s claims. Jesse Ventura’s libel suit against the retired Navy Seal is supposed to take place sometime around June 2013. I’m not sure what this means for the lawsuit but many believe Kyle’s death is suspicious. The timing of the double murder by ex-Marine Eddie Routh and Jesse Ventura’s lawsuit could be pure coincidence or there could be more to this story.

When any human being dies, it’s a sad day. The murder of former Navy Seal Chris Kyle has raised a lot of questions. Chris Kyle and 35-year-old Chad Littlefield were shot in the head at close range. 25-year-old former Marine Eddie Routh allegedly shot Kyle and Littlefiled at close range at Rough Creek Lodge in Texas, Saturday, February 2, 2013 around 3:30 p.m. Routh was arrested in Lancaster, Texas shortly after. It’s said that Kyle was helping Routh deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. PTSD is a serious issue that Jesse Ventura has talked about many times. Ventura is not sure why Kyle lied about the sucker punch but since that time the former Governor has admitted he does not feel comfortable around some of the younger Seals, especially if they are capable of out-right lying about Ventura talking negatively about American soldiers. Anyone who can get on YouTube can watch Governor Ventura talk positively about soldiers. To say that Jesse Ventura, a former soldier, a man who was silenced by MSNBC for his stance on the Iraq War, would be happy that any U.S. soldier died is ludicrous in my opinion.

There are many details to sort out with the murder of Chris Kyle and with Jesse Ventura’s libel lawsuit against the former Navy Seal and his book publisher.

So what’s true? You decide. Is Kyle’s death just a random coincidence that coincides with a certain lawsuit that would have seen Kyle pay a large sum of money for lying about Jesse Ventura? Was Kyle ever going to reveal the reason why he lied about the incident? What we know right now is two men are dead, Kyle being one of them, and one lawsuit is still pending. Where do we go from here? This article is in no way meant to attack someone who has died. I wrote this because I felt this side of the Chris Kyle murder has not been given any attention.

We will keep you updated as this story unfolds….

Here’s the claim Chris Kyle made about Jesse Ventura




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