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Politicians normally don’t like surprises, or having to answer tough questions off the cuff. Even Question Time is a staged routine where party leaders pretend bite back for the camera – pure Punch ‘n Judy. But ITV’s This Morning Show turned out to be an unlikely arena for this prime   ministerial showdown… but was it real?


ITV host Philip Schofield.

PANIC STATIONS? PM David Cameron appeared to get the shock of life Thursday morning when a seemingly harmless character, host Philip Schofield, challenged the PM about the government’s policy of denial regarding any paedophiles, past, present or future, in No.10 (or anywhere else in Westminster for that matter).

Question: Was this whole incident staged by Whitehall and ITV producers? If it was, Schofield had to have been put up to it, possibly coerced into it.

Schofield is last guy you’d expect to use his ITV platform to go at a PM like this, but now thousands are Tweeting and Facebooking support for Schofield, and his ‘street cred’ index for 18-35’s has just shot into orbit.

Or maybe this was all just a carefully crafted publicity stunt, designed to distract and divert’ (more likely)?

There seem to be more Tories than Labour being named in Westminster’s paedophile sweepstakes, and no doubt – Cameron is feeling the heat.

The horrors of Jimmy Savile have opened the door for public outrage, and political elites are in a panic. The only line Schofield crossed was that he broke the UK mainstream media code: he rightly challenge a politician in public on a serious issue. If the incident was genuine, it was a rare display of balls in the mainstream media – which has made him a sort of people’s presenter. No doubt, and all too predictably, ITV will be pressured by Downing Street via Ofcom to sack Schofield for his challenge to the PM – let’s see if ITV have got some of the family jewels that the BBC clearly lack. But if they cave in, ITV will have cut loose what appears to be its coolest asset in years.

What did Cameron really mean about a ‘witch-hunt’?

Last time we checked, no one is looking for witches, we were just hoping the Tory government might be kind enough to assist in hunting down a few delinquent paedophiles who have been allowed to roam freely in British public institutions like Parliament…

Call it a gaffe, but what Cameron said in this interview was very revealing, however, because host Schofield at no time mentioned anything about ‘gays’ in Tory government, but there it is.

Westminster’s ‘Gay’ Secrets

Cameron has somehow injected bizarre ‘gay’ talking point into No.10 paedophile debate.

Cameron may have inadvertently revealed a commonly known secret within the halls of Parliament and something the public are mostly unaware of, gay members of the government who are still ‘in the closet’, as it were.

Is this what Cameron was referring to?

Cameron has raised a few important questions here. Firstly, are there gay MP’s who are in the closet? Of course there are.

Secondly, if you were a gay MP and still in the closet, would you wanted to be ‘outed’? Of course not.

So, could MP’s or politicos threaten to ‘out’ a gay MP, in order to gain some political leverage? That’s an important question, because the same logic would apply to any paedophile working within government.

Hmmm, that could be a problem if that were to happen.

Bottom line: Britain, and not just the BBC, has an institutional child abuse problem, and it appears like the establishment are only interested in sweeping it back under the rug.

What was Dave thinking? Maybe someone should be asking Cameron exactly what he meant when he referred to ‘gays’…


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