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By Stone Pinkerton
21st Century Wire
July 26, 2011

How do you define bizarre in today’s every increasingly wacky world of terrorism? Ever since the Cold War was won and history ended, we have been inundated with a seemingly never ending succession of spectacularly staged terror attacks and carefully crafted psy-ops.

This recent Norway Massacre is the latest in a series of high profile terrorist attacks which have succeeded only in inching societies worldwide further towards the final goal-line of an ever expanding global police state.

So is this OPERATION G.L.A.D.I.O. 2.0? Whether you believe that, or not, a new Stasi super state is rapidly unfolding before our eyes and it will use this event as a catalyst.

Recently joining the fold of public enemy number one stars, is a Scandinavian pin-up named Anders Breivik AKA “Andrew Berwick”. In case you missed it, he went on an epic rampage this past weekend. 

As terrorists go, his media profile is about as slick as they come, even more refined than Osama bin Laden, scripted to the last detail and with plenty of collateral material. If he survives custody, his protracted trial will almost certainly be something along the lines of OJ Simpson meets Slobo Milosevich.

So who is he? Which is he, Anders, or Andrew?

We are told that he wired up and popped a car bomb in town hitting a government target, and later was the lone gunman who dressed up as a policeman and opened fire on a crowd of Protestant Young Labour supporters at a summer camp on the island of Utoya in Norway on Saturday. The death toll from both attacks stands at 90 plus.

It’s very important for people to consider that this shooting was no random attack. The students victims on the island were chosen for political affiliation- even the wounded were snuffed out in cold blood by the gunman, which makes this a cold and targeted, mass political assassination.

Horrific is an understatement.

So did we witness yet another ‘lone gunman’ incident, or rather, spectacularly staged ’Psychological Operation’, or Psy-op in Norway? Well, it all depends on what you are willing to buy into.


But we do love our 21st century psy-ops in America and in Europe. They supply us with the sort of collective nightmares that only an institution as bloated, corrupt, insidious and morally and fiscally bankrupt as our governments can supply. As recent history goes, they supply the nightmare, and in turn, we somehow end up demanding more security, less privacy and endless state surveillance.

Authorities conveniently unearthed a typically mad, but thorough 1,500 page, all singing and dancing right-wing Zionist bible manifesto (here is link to the whole thing) credited to the alleged gunman. One thing is now for certain – Anders Breivik AKA Andrew Berwick, is the new pin-up euro boy for the New World Order’s Global Domestic Terrorist 2012 Calendar.

MAN FOR ALL SEASONS: Andrew Berwick has both the MSM and the Indy media doing cartwheels at the moment.

The results of a successful Psy-op are always apparent after the event, and we will go into detail about what these are later in this article. You can be sure that already across TV, radio and mainstream print, the conversation is being shaped and mostly dominated by a fear-based platform whereby pundit after pundit are reinforcing the mantra that “He could have been anybody”, and that by hook or crook, ”We need much better surveillance and domestic security in order to prevent such a terrible tragedy from happening again.”

Our marching orders are more or less clear: There’s your talking points people, now get out there, in every office, cafe, school- get out there and parrot them.


He’s also an admitted Right-wing Zionist which puts Israel in the frame, and apparently hates multiculturalism.

All this is sure to stir both confusion and hours of directionless debate from the media experts. 21st Century Wire’s  Andrew McKillop adds here:

“Written under the name of Andrew Berwick (this is where the story gets extremely bizarre) – which lays out a buffet of extreme Islamophobia, far-right Zionism, as well as attacks on Marxism and multiculturalism, for good measure…

“He has since been charged with “terrorism” by the Norwegian authorities. No talk yet of actual murder charges. Amazingly, this rogue paramilitary domestic terrorist has not topped himself and will have a chance to take the world stage, no doubt invigorating a lively new debate on topics like free market economics, the need for more state surveillance, security measures, multiculturalism and applied Marxism in the 21st century.”

That pretty much covers it then. We are now all potential domestic terrorists, and should be regarded with some degree of suspicion by our government and state authorities- for our own safety, naturally.


The back story to this crime is slowly coming out, but mind you, it is merely the official narrative. Intelligent media consumers will still need to keep their brains active in order to read between the lines and identify discrepancies and outlandish assumptions present in the consensus reality or Wikipedia version of events. This black op in Norway looks likely to have been executed by not one, but a minimum team of two to three persons. Readers with a certain military experience might point out here how complicated it would be to execute such an entire operation single-handedly.

Regardless, thus far, the consensus reality version of events in Norway revolves around the classic ‘Lone Gunman’ template. There have been multiple reports by victims and witnesses of other shooters on the scene, but so far none have been absorbed as a solid part of the official narrative. Authorities have only confirmed that “active cells are still at large”, and this point alone will naturally dovetail with experts calls for tighter control on security and surveillance throughout society.

In effect, Goldstein is still at large and may be in your area, so keep all doors and windows locked. Report any suspicious activity to Big Brother. You get the picture.

What we think we know: For several months Breivik managed to purchase several tons of ANFO (ammonium nitrate/fuel oil), planted a 200 pound car bomb outside the Energy Ministry in Oslo. Soon after, he turns up on an island of young political elite on their summer retreat, where he managed to gun down single-handedly, some 100 teens. By some miracle, the Norwegian SWAT team invisibly landed on the island, snuck up behind gunman Breivik, and arrested him without any fire being exchanged between him and the authorities. Now that’s a guy any clandestine alphabet soup outfit would hire instantly on the spot. Clean operation. Certainly, this goes down in history as one of the cleanest, slickest, by-the-book black ops that ever went down.

To believe that he managed to do this on his own and not as a two or three man crew seems to be a real stretch when one considers the logistics and detail present in this terror operation. But the public can be made to believe it was a lone gunman event if the official story dictates as much. If you buy into the outlandish official explanations like both the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks and don’t take into account the public’s ability to swallow and digest them on the first spoonful, then the Norway should appear to be just another lone gunman job.

The most fascinating anomaly here is that he was actually arrested, and did not top himself or go down shooting. This may have been an error on Breivik’s part, or it was planned as part of a theatrical performance that will unfold during the months leading up to his trial in court. Note that every other mass shooting spree in the history of the world has ended with the gunman killing himself or being shot dead by police. In nearly every instance.

There are a number of past staged terror events we can revisit in order to define and understand exactly what we are looking at here in Norway. A few recent events include…

MUMBAI: The Mumbai ‘terrorist attack’ bore all the hallmarks of a classic False Flag Operation. Eventually, it came out that Mumbai terror suspect David Headley was ‘rogue US secret agent’. US citizen Headley, who was arrested in connection with 2009′s Mumbai terrorist attacks, is likely to have been a double agent for the CIA. There goes the Muslim extremist angle we were forced to swallow by the media in its early stage.

Mumbai was a false flag, with terror operative David Headley outed as a US secret agent.

HOMELAND SECURITY: Just as former Homeland Security chief  Tom Ridge admitted that DHS would issue fake terror alerts shortly before elections in a bid to influence the outcome during the Bush era, the Obama administration also admitted to mimicking the very same tactic later on. In 2009 and 2010 we witnessed an explosion in terror alerts, with many revolving around an alleged plot to launch Mumbai-style massacres within the US, as well as in European cities during those years. So the majority of US DHS terror alerts have been staged, for maximum political effect. This, by definition, is a pure Psy-op.

FORT HOOD: It is now documented that the Fort Hood shooter was not only a military operative, but also was under the supervision of a psychological military doctor. The shooter was quickly shot and taken into custody. After the media established its lone gunman story, we discover that this massacre was not carried out by Hasan alone. By definition, this was a false-flag/black-ops covert operation carried out under the supervision of what we call a “handler” — a senior operative of the US Military/Intelligence.

BELSAN: The murky events of the North Ossetian school siege in which hundreds of children were killed raised disturbing questions as to which entities were actually behind the co-ordination of the attack. Many indicators point to this event being a staged psy-op. A number of reports pointed to Belsan being an agency-led black-op. “The men had their conversations not within Russia but with other countries…

It’s clear as daylight that those people are coming up as puppeteers and are financing terror,” as was reported to the Russia television company, national Channel Two.” Which agency it was, we can never know, but we can be certain is wasn’t just Chechen freedom fighters who ran this op.

ANTHRAX ATTACKS: This staged op came directly in the wake of 9/11 and was initially promoted by the US government and the US media as the work of Muslim, or Al Qaeda terrorists. We later discover that the weapons grade anthrax which was used in these attacks originated from a classified, very secure, US military bio weapons facility at Fort Detrick, Maryland. The US attempted to frame a series of lone gunman for this attack, eventually settling on a model citizen, and decorated US scientist, Bruce Edwards Ivins, who conveniently, and mysteriously, killed himself whilst in custody before he could defend himself in court.

Of course, false flag news hounds will want us to point out the Virginia Tech Shooter, Dunblane Massacre, Columbine, DC Sniper, the Unibomber, McDonald’s Rampage in San Ysidro, Reagan’s attempted assassination, The Kennedy assassination and the mother of all shady domestic terror events- the Oklahoma City Bombing, alleged run by lone gunman Timothy McVeigh (he also had a handler too).

Aside from their dodgy official narratives and the obvious military/government backgrounds of most participants, understand that each of these past false flag and staged public black-op/psy-op events make up marker points on our collective emotional calendar, and all of these events are used to their maximum by governments and media pundits in order to create a matrix of fear in society, taking us further down the road of the hyper-security state. Few can argue that this is exactly where we are right now, miles away from the more free societies that we all remember and enjoyed way back when.


As a result of the political response and societal knee-jerk reaction, those children who survived in Norway have been left in a society where death by violent crime, rape and assault is unfortunately greater than ever, as is always the case when populations are disarmed, allowing the criminal element to blossom, and where former peace-keeping, civil police are now armed to the teeth in a way that society has never seen before.

One point which cannot be ignored in all of the commotion and massive peace concerts which have sprung up around Norway, is the convenient timing of this whole attack.

We’ve already established that was not a random attack, as the students were targeted, making it a clear targeted political assassination. Now consider this…

The Young Protestant Labour Party(the kids who were gunned down at the camp) just days before publically condemned Israel’s apartheid system and have since recognized Palestine as a State… and suddenly there is a bombing and a violent massacre? Critical minds should also take into account the fact that this exact camp was shot-up, after just having held a pro-Palestinian rally the day before. Politically, many in Norway were calling for a complete withdraw of any and all support of Israel. If that doesn’t raise an eyebrow or two…

TERROR BEEFCAKE: Breivik crafted an incredibly professional modeling portfolio. Did he have a handler?

Until now, few in the mainstream sphere have yet to find it strange that Anders had a series of professionally posed, studio quality “publicity” photos taken. There is one of him wearing Masonic regalia, one in a military uniform, a HAZMAT suit and gas mask, a Navy SEAL wetsuit with bayonet rifle, as well as a couple of “glamour” shots that look way too good for posting on Match.com.

Besides the fact that to stage all of these photos and publish what looks like a comprehensive manifesto, it must have cost a small fortune, it is as if he was head-hunted by a talent agency who were preparing to launch his career in media. More than likely however, all these were in preparation for some media psy-op, and if you need any proof, just check out your TV program or newspaper.

Interestingly, Breivik’s Facebook page looked fake by anyone’s account, as do his other online submissions and profiles, many of which were loaded up in the weeks before the terror operation. To the trained eye, blatantly fake online pages like these often give off the smell of a CIA/Mossad operational mock-up. It’s very difficult to argue that the are really authentic, nonetheless, highly paid mainstream media journalists will use them to build up a ‘profile’ of the killer after the fact, presenting their findings as consensus reality- in short, a reality we can all agree on. This should really raise alarm bells to anyone who is pursuing the truth behind the event.

Although we can only speculate at this point, this attack would have certainly been within the capability of rogue elements within Israel’s intelligence agency, Mossad. Breivik is allegedly a self-professed Right-wing supporter the Zionist State and is no fan of Arabs. In his own words:

“So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all cultural Marxists/multiculturalists.”

We can attempt to triangulate where Breivik is coming from now. In the current context, Israel is currently suffering a massive shift in terms of who its traditional Zionist supporters are in the West, and many mainstream elements are beginning to question more and more its policy of maintaining an apartheid police state to house the region’s indigenous populations of Arabs Muslims, Arab Christians, Bedouins and Druze.

Let’s speculate then… in the US, groups like the ADL and the SPLC are losing their grip on the media, and in Europe, a knee-jerk defense of all things Israeli is no longer the certainty it once was. If this were the case, then this is not the  Israel of old who at least tried to gain a certain amount of friends in the world, rather, it would be the new Israel, unashamed, having already bled the US dry of military aid dollars and goodwill- a rogue nation who is standing alone, using primal mafia hits against its political detractors in Europe. Many would argue this is a probable, albeit illogical shift for Israel considering the current political climate for its somewhat antiquated, out-of-date right-wing Zionist land-grabbing aspirations.

What is also interesting is the timing of this spectacular event, coming just in time to rescue Rupert Murdoch and PM David Cameron from receiving an endless public lashing in British Press and an angry and disenchanted public. News International’s stock worldwide has been in a near free-fall. Suddenly it’s all silence on the matter and all news space can contain only details of this killing operation and its aftermath. Very convenient for those who were under the cosh only days before.

Operation Breivik may not be exclusively linked to Israel, it could also be targeting European democracies, Norway being one. Lessons from Operation Gladio have taught us that NATO and CIA terror cells have been operational in Europe, the recent tryst over Libya and other projects could very well be influencing recent events. We can note here that investigative journalist Webster G. Tarpley reported in his article “Norway Terror Attacks a False Flag,” that Norway was getting ready to call off its support for missions in Libya, and stop its involvement in that ongoing illegal war there as early as this August.

In addition, elsewhere in Europe we were witnessing the near disintegration of the Eurozone, with the collapse of EU economies Greece, Ireland, Spain and Portugal. Riots are breaking out in the streets and anarchists are now back in fashion. Couple this with NATO’s complete pie-in-the-face over Libya- their illegal war becoming more difficult to manage and justify by the day. The political fallout from both these events is potentially massive, unless you can orchestrate a massive diversion that will last until September.


Another anomaly in this latest public killing spree event is the mainstream injection of the normally obscure, cloak (or in this case apron) and dagger Freemason subject. So the story now goes that the biggest individual mass murderer in Europe since WWII – was a Freemason and a Knight de Templar and immensely proud of it. 

His 1,500 odd paged manifesto prominently carries the image of the cross of the Knights Templar. He is apparently said to be a member of John Lodge St. Olaus TD Three pillars of the Norwegian Masonic Order and has the status of the 3rd degree, where the highest order is the 10th degree.

All this makes for a seemingly endless supply of fodder for the millions of internet surfers whose most guilty of pleasures is reading and posting about Freemasonary conspiracies. As Berwick styles himself Justiciar Knight Commander, Knights Templar Europe, Knights Templar Norway, it can only up the ante in what will certainly become a media circus for the ages. Only this time, it’s not confined to alternative media or the internet forums. The Masonic news lines appear to be pre-packaged and are now running through the mainstream media too. It’s juicy Dan Brown stuff. Not the typical psy-op we have seen before.


Any successful psy-op can achieve real results in terms of political and media distraction, and at its best, it can gain previously difficult to obtain political ground. Doing all that can be relatively easy after an event, compared to before it. Like 9/11 showed us, this dreadful occurrence has already demonstrated its way of disabling people’s ability to think critically and ask the necessary questions to determine who was indeed- behind the deed. Who benefits? What synchronicity do we see with other geopolitical and economic event currently in play?

One obvious result of such a massacre is the ramping up in security and a further license for all law enforcement to take a more aggressive approach in the pre-crime apprehension of virtually anyone. Certainly now, the Norwegian police will arrest anybody suspected of carrying a gun or knife, or anyone deemed to be suspicious-looking.

The ripple effects of such an event are rapid. Only two days later, the UK Prime Minister David Cameron announces that Britain is taking “extremely seriously” claims by the man believed responsible for killing more than 70 people in Norway that he had links with far-right groups in England, namely newly touted right-wing demon, and now notorious English Defense League. The mish-mash overlap of European groups looks like a throwback to the days of the dreaded Red Brigades, the P2 Lodge, Gladio and dare I say, Carlos the Jackal – yes, those wild days when disaffected East German students would risk life and limb to fight for the PLFP (People’s Liberation Front of Palestine) in Europe and the Middle East, whilst carrying freelance hit jobs to destabilise OPEC for the pleasure of a country like Iraq, who were actually being encouraged by the CIA to start a war with Iran. Those were the days…

The Norway talking points are already being circulated as we speak. Experts are saying the following: We need more security. Gun ownership is dangerous. Right wing thinkers could be dangerous. Multiculturalism in Europe may have back fired.

This of course will mean a full reclassification of  all political activists and causes. The social re-evaluation may not stop there- it just might include anyone who holds an opinion on virtually anything. We also learned from agent Breivik that now the far-right are being anti-this, and anti-that. This will no doubt be seen by the authorities as an exciting  new development in the profiling of far-right mass killers. If you are anti-gay you are bad, or don’t like no prayer in schools you are bad etc. This can be extended to include anything, like the lack of support for the supposed war on terror. In this brave new world, it seems wrong to have an opinion that differs from being ultra liberal. Think outside “the box” ? Well, you are bad, very bad.

Because the perp in this case, Anders Breivik, is a white skinned, blonde haired pin-up model, and appearing to be 100% politically motivated by reports in the media, the mob will tend towards an apologist or sympathetic tone- and they clearly are doing this. A side note here: Anders is certain to receive thousands of love letters and marriage proposals from disaffected lonely western women- particularly from females residing in the UK, US and Canada.

But let’s not kid ourselves here: if he had been a Muslim, then the experts and political operators would have already firmly denounced his agenda and be steadfast in defending “western values” (anyone’s guess what those are). We will even defend vice, depravity and slandering other faiths in the face of any terrorist that possesses a markedly Eastern or Islamic bent. Ditto if he was a white, gun-toting militia from Indiana- in the new politically correct glossary, this is equal to a Muslim in the eyes of any mainstream politician or news pundit who thinks they can gain some political kudos for denouncing anyone who demonstrates a right to carry arms or does not worship at the altar of the state.

Either way, they are simply ‘terrorists’, and as Ronald Reagan taught us some 30 years ago, “We don’t negotiate with terrorists”, regardless of what their political agenda might happen to be. But Anders… well, he’s different. He’s not a Muslim.

Hence, Anders Breivik has not been classified as a pure terrorist by the media mob, rather he has already been officially labeled as a “political extremist”. This is an important detail when we consider the talking points that will be rolled out over the next few weeks. These talking points will form the thrust of social conditioning which the public will undergo as a result of the Norway massacre event.

Here is the other point of a psy-op like this one. It’s easy to be Anders Breivik. Very easy, so we are told. It is not hard to buy fertilizer. It is not hard to buy 55 gallon drums. It is not hard to pour fertilizer into those drums and add diesel to them. It is not hard to load them into a van. It is not hard to drive a van. It is not hard to park a van. It is not hard to initiate an M60 fuse igniter. It is not hard to walk to a car you parked nearby yesterday or the day before. It is not hard to drive to an island. It is not hard to slaughter a crowd of unarmed young people on that island. Anyone can apparently do it, and so can you.

That makes you a potential terrorist. Indeed, here in lies the functionality of the psy-op.

All eyes are on you now.

By all accounts, this is a false flag psy-op with some real legs on it, and may run for years. This one should be interesting to say the least.

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