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Lethal Moron: Danny Glover Blames Haiti Earthquake on ‘Climate Change’

By Patrick Henningsen

As Haiti realizes its damage and death toll from this week’s catastrophic earthquake, Hollywood’s well-intentioned globalist cheerleaders are lining up to seize on the political opportunity, this time laying blame for the natural disaster on a likely culprit… global warming and climate change.

During his recent interview on GritTV, Hollywood actor and Lethal Weapon star Danny Glover said, “When we see what we did at the climate summit in Copenhagen, this is the response, this is what happens(to Haiti), you know what I’m say’in’?”

So according to Glover, the punishment unleashed on the people of Haiti is retribution for our collective sins of fomenting global warming and our failing to pass a binding treaty at Copenhagen. Glover’s comments of course reaffirm the newly emerging religious hierarchy we are seeing through the popular modern mythology of climate change, one where Nature’s Fury supersedes what was previously classed as God’s Fury. Glover’s comments to the masses are very clear in this respect.

In this context, the new Earth deity, or Gaia, has exerted its power over the old Judeo-Christian deity known as God. Originally proposed by James Lovelock as the earth feedback hypothesis, it was named the “Gaia Hypothesis” after Gaia, the Greek supreme goddess of Earth. The high profile actor’s charge of Earth’s apparent retribution appears to (this time anyway) have trumped even that of popular right-wing Christian TV evangelist Pat Robertson, who himself claimed that the disaster in Haiti was ‘God’s fury on Haitian people to choosing Voodoo over Jesus’. This followed his equally outlandish commentary about Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in 2005, when he said it was ‘heavenly punishment’ for legal abortion in the US. Laughable as it might be, millions worldwide tune into Pat Robertson for spiritual guidance. And misguided as they might also be, celebrity A-listers like Glover are considered an ‘official source’ by fans when it comes to political matters, giving assumed credibility to what ever cause that a said celebrity takes on- even if it’s not rooted in reality. And so the mythology continues. Such are the times we live in.

Indeed, Haiti got hit hard, as any third world ‘banana republic’ would. But few can argue that if this quake had struck in Florida, USA, the losses would’ve been but a small percentage of those suffered on the impoverished island nation. When we see these natural- or man-made disasters being repeatedly chronicled all over our Western media coverage- in Columbia, Thailand, Armenia, Turkey, Rwanda or Palestine, we each turn to each other  and acknowledge how lucky we are lucky to be living in the “developed” world where sophisticated safety measures and disaster response is something we take for granted. However, Globalist supporters of treaties like those drafted this past winter in Copenhagen will have you believe that it is NOT a moral imperative to let these poorer countries develop up to a level that we have enjoyed in the West. Their excuse for this is their belief that the ‘developing world’ cannot develop because they will be contributing to the scourge of global warming and climate change- two non-existent threats, both failed scientific theories now thoroughly discredited in the wake of Climate Gate and repeated record cold temperatures across the globe this winter.

Controlled Left Media

It is interesting to note that the so-called independent outlet GritTV which carried the Danny Glover piece, has solid ties to the ‘controlled left’ gatekeeper media complex, falling under the umbrella of Free Speech TV whose key players include the likes of Christian Parenti, a Soros Senior Justice Fellow and a Ford Foundation Fellow. It’s well documented that both George Soros and the Ford Foundation  have their fingers in most globalist, world banking cartel and world government agendas, so it’s not surprising that Grit TV’s parent organization Free Speech TV had joined forces with Greenpeace– itself an adroit tool of the globalist climate collective, to help ram through the global government treaty designed to cripple already economically ravaged third world nations, thus maintaining the neo-colonial model of the New World Order(formerly known as the Old World Order).

Haiti: Still Under the Thumb of the West

Born through slaves’ revolts against their French masters, Haiti was the first republic founded from African ancestry, but has spent most of its last few decades fending off US and corporate efforts to control its fragile destiny, with the United States having already invading Haiti twice. Recent history saw President Bill Clinton sending some 20,000 soldiers to Haiti in 1994 to restore then favoured Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the country’s first freely elected leader in 200 years. Popular at home, the outspoken Aristide was a regular political thorn in the side of Washington, single-handedly able to strip the White House of its assumed moral high ground on issues like forced repatriation of Haitian refugees at sea. He was President again from 2001 to 2004 before being ousted in a February 2004 military coup. The progressive leader alleged that he was kidnapped by the United States and French military operatives and forced into exile in South Africa. Since Aristide’s most recent ousting, things have fallen apart in Haiti as it has felt the full force of U.S. foreign policy-induced chaos there. Both his removals from office were preceded by US calls to cut off foreign aid to Haiti, a form of economic  sanction routinely employed by the US to sow domestic discontent within client states that fall under its sphere of influence, eventually paving the way to a popular uprising, followed by an ousting of a democratically elected leader and the installation of a favoured US political puppet.

Now with its third US military mobilisation in Haiti well under way- this time for humanitarian purposes, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, said that the United States will be sending extra troops and marines, a hospital ship, and more helicopters to Haiti in the coming days. US Defence Secretary Robert Gates tells a news conference in Washington that this new “military”(?) effort in Haiti is the “highest priority for US military assets in this hemisphere”. Of that we can be sure. Just how long the US military will stay in Haiti this time? That’s anyone’s guess.

The only sound, long term solution for countries like Haiti, is that they be allowed to develop their own resources, trade and modernize without military interference from Washington or economic meddling from the World Bank, IMF, the usual multi-national corporations as well as crippling environmental UN treaties like Copenhagen. In the end this is the only forward-looking policy which will save lives in the future by raising this ‘banana republic’ above the 200 year old poverty line.



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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue