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SYRIA: The Emerging ‘Peace’ Bloc Challenges the Weakened ‘War’ Bloc

21st Century Wire says…

The Taylor Report speaks to Vanessa Beeley, associate editor at 21st Century Wire. 

‘Peace Bloc’ vs. ‘War Bloc’ emerging in Middle East

Even though the ISIS “caliphate” has been defeated in Iraq and Eastern Syria, Beeley points out that the war in Syria is not yet over. There are still pockets of terrorists in several places inside Syria, including a concentration of Al Qaeda inside Idlib province and ISIS along the Israeli border adjacent to the Golan Heights, occupied illegally by Israel since 1967.

Most important, she points out there has been a reshaping of the power structure in the Middle East into a ‘peace bloc’ and a ‘war bloc.’ The ‘war bloc’ includes the U.S., Israel, and Saudi Arabia. The growing ‘peace bloc’ includes Russia, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Qatar, Turkey, and Syria.

Taylor Report:


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