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BREAKING: Russian Ambassador Gunned Down in Public By Turkish Assassin in Ankara

21st Century Wire says…

An incredible and dramatic scene unfolded today in Turkey’s capital city. 

The Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov was shot in the back by an assassin dressed in a suit.

Mr. Karlov was 62 years old and had been serving as the Russian Ambassador to Turkey since 2013.

Rather strangely, after killing the Russian Ambassador, the assassin was then allowed to give a minutes-long extended speech.

“Allah hu Akbar! Don’t forget about Aleppo! Don’t forget about Syria!”

“People are dying there, so you’ll die here!” followed by something like, “You won’t be safe!”

After he finished his diatribe, he was then shot and killed by Turkish security services.

According to a statement by the mayor of Ankara, Melih Gokcek the assassin was a ‘former’ Turkish policeman, who graduated from the police academy in 2014, and reports suggest that he was fired or relieved of duty, following Erdogan’s “post-coup” massive purge of civil employees this past summer. This is a point of contention which will only raise further questions as to the apparent security breach.

Images depicting several people lying on the floor of the gallery were published by CNN Turk.

Apparently, the art exhibition, held at the Contemporary Arts Center in the Cankaya area of the capital, was meant to help promote Russian-Turkish friendship, with the theme of “Russia through Turkish eyes.”

Putting aside the Jihadist overtones, all circumstantial evidence strongly suggests that this attack was a targeted political incident, not necessarily a religious one – and hugely symbolic, specifically designed to damage or hinder bilateral negotiations between Turkey, Russia, Syria and Iran. 

It is perhaps no coincidence that tomorrow Tuesday, the foreign defense ministers of Russia, Iran and Turkey were scheduled to meet in Moscow – to discuss the future of Syria, and more specifically, that of Aleppo.

Also, just hours before the incident, a unanimous UN Security Council resolution was passed regarding Aleppo. In one of the few unanimous decisions on Syria, the UNSC adopted Resolution 2328 (2016), demanding both immediate and “unhindered access” for UN observation of monitoring of the ongoing civilian evacuations from recently liberated East Aleppo.



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  • roddie1111

    This will certainly divide the minions. Staged? False flag? Baiting at it’s finest.

    • createspace

      it’s pretty obvious it’s fake…does the russian ambassador not have security? besides that one might notice the unnatural reaction and total lack of blood.

      • Laura Green

        If you are such an experienced investigator why aren’t you on the crime scene ? Your help is precious .

    • bri

      “Police later killed the gunman, according to reports.”
      Is this an Agatha Christie novel? Keep us guessing right until the last pages. Yes, conveniently police won’t have to ask the pistol man questions.

      “A gunman, believed to be…”

      The usual style of unsure reporting and not many photos, odd considering a pro-photojournalish giving his eyewitness report and opinion… “So he was probably angry about Russian bombardments of Aleppo”

      Then all the reports go to what the politicians are saying…
      Can smell a rat around there somewhere…

  • createspace

    if you can watch this and think it’s real your critical thinking skills are nil.

    • Tarciso Ribeiro

      Then give us some inside,Mr. Sherlock holmes.

  • Analyze_This_88

    Turkey Gunman was apparently a member of the Gullen Movement but that talking point could just as easily be planted by the CIA too, designed to throw some confusion into the conversation… gunman story is unlikely one, but at 22 yes old, anything is possible, people arent very smart at that age.

  • LeseMajeste

    This reeks of an inside job. Not only did the alleged shooter gain access with a gun, he was able to spout BS while standing over the dead ambassador. Where in hell was the security detail and why didn’t they wound him, instead of doing the cardinal rule of assassinations, kill the assassin so he/she can’t talk.

    It looks real to me, so guess my ‘critical thinking’ skills must be AWOL, cause can’t figure how a staged assassination of a Russian ambassador by a Turkish policeman could benefit Russia, let alone the pit viper Erdogan.

  • Laura Green

    MORE THAN 100 US-UK-ISRAELI-FRENCH-TURKISH officers =(terrorists) were captured by Syrian Army — http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/12/20/syria-officially-reveals-data-about-foreign-intel-officers-in-aleppo/comment-page-1/#comment-668936

  • Ali Hussain

    After the assassination, Berlin incident takes place. Umm, That got me thinking. Are the 2 incidents linked to divert our attention more towards Berlin. Cause assassination is a bigger & deadly plot..

  • DwnRange

    Best guess at this incident I have read comes from here:

    “Who profits from Turkey’s “Sarajevo moment?” by Pepe Escobar


    excerpt – “It’s under this context that the recent alleged capture of a bunch
    of NATO-GCC operatives — deployed under the US-led-from-behind
    “coalition” — by Syrian Special Forces in Aleppo must be interpreted.

    Syrian member of Parliament Fares Shehabi, the head of the Chamber of
    Commerce in Aleppo, published the names of the apprehended coalition
    officers; most are Saudi; there’s one Qatari; the presence of one
    Moroccan and one Jordanian is explained by the fact Morocco and Jordan
    are “unofficial” GCC members.

    And then there’s one Turk, one American (David Scott Winer) and one
    Israeli. So NATO shows up only via two operatives, but the NATO-GCC link
    is more than established. If this information proceeds — and that’s
    still a big “if” — these may well be coalition military personnel and
    field commanders, formerly advising “moderate rebels” and now a formidable bargaining chip in the hands of Damascus.

    Both NATO and GCC remain absolutely mum; not even non-denial denials
    have materialized. That might imply a made in the shade deal for the
    release of the high-value prisoners, further strengthening Damascus’

    It was President Putin who all but established a de facto
    Russia-Iran-Turkey axis dealing with facts on the Syrian ground — in
    parallel to the rhetoric-heavy, zero-solution UN charade going on in
    Geneva. Moscow diplomatically emphasizes that the work of the axis
    complement Geneva. In fact, it’s the only reality-based work. And it’s
    supposed to sign and seal definitive parameters on the ground before
    Donald Trump enters the White House.

    In a nutshell; the five-year (and running) NATO-GCC combo’s
    multi-billion dollar regime change project in Syria all but miserably
    failed. Wily Erdogan seems to have learned his realpolitik lesson. On
    the Atlanticist front nevertheless, that opens myriad avenues to channel
    geopolitical resentment.”

  • ken92