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Ron Paul on Burns Oregon Standoff and Jury Nullification for the Hammond Family

21st Century Wire says…

If you’ve been following the protest and federal standoff outside of Burns, Oregon, you’ll have seen 99% of the news coverage has been about the presence of ‘armed militia’ and endless rumors of FBI ‘Waco Siege’ plots – and not about the core legal issues surrounding the Hammond family.

For more in-depth analysis on minimum sentencing laws, jury nullification and property rights, watch the following Liberty Report hosted by Congressman and former presidential candidate Ron Paul is joined by the executive director of the institute for peace and prosperity, Daniel McAdams, along with Jacob Sullum, senior editor from Reason.com

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  • Isacc Witham

    Lets shed some light on the TRUTH ………

  • By: Mercedes-Chavez

    We the People

  • Julian

    bloody hell, Paul is a gentleman and a scholar. this is why i still have hope in the future of humanity. i use his homeschool program for my daughter and i hope many others will do the same. reason and logic followed through to its inevitable, logical conclusion is the skills all of our children need. love you Mr Paul